Fast or Slow?

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Do you prefer faster or slower Eurobeat?

Chill mellow Eurobeat is cool once in a while, but bring on the Speed!
Speedy Eurobeat is for crazy paralists, give me my lower BPMs.
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Fast or Slow?

Post by Densetsu13 » 18 Nov 2010, 02:45

So this last year SEB definitely took a step back in BPM and the average speed of tracks found on an SEB has dropped at least 5 BPM, if not 10 BPM.

Who prefers Eurobeat faster and who prefers it slower?

I personally am a speed demon and most definitely prefer the faster side of Eurobeat. Gone is the time of faster Eurobeat being the majority it seems. As a result, and while I still love SEB, I did not enjoy as many songs as I usually do in an SEB decade this past year.

On the other hand I do notice if sped up some of the songs from this decade, while already great, sound so much more hype.

For example original and sped up faster versions of the same songs:

Original slower versions:





Maybe I prefer faster Eurobeat because it makes me nostalgic. ♥

Please discuss.

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Post by WNight » 18 Nov 2010, 04:00

Technically speaking, I would go for faster eurobeat but there have been instances where the speed takes too much precedence over the technical details and in the end, it just becomes a scenario of "Oh I know! The speedy track right ? Yeah yeah! Um ... how does it sound like again ?". Burning Up The Night is the prime example of that in my opinion.

P.S. The Hi-BPM Eyes Of Sky is nigh unlistenable. Even worse than the original.
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Post by Tiger » 18 Nov 2010, 04:03

Fast eurobeat definitely because I enjoy stuff like Love Countdown, Shout / J. Storm, Hurricane Man etc.

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Post by Megan188 » 18 Nov 2010, 05:22

Really, I don't have a particular preferrence between faster or slower eurobeat. For me, the quality of a song simply comes down to whether or not it's well-produced, well-sung, creative, and memorable. There are some fast eurobeat songs that I love, such as Diabolik, One More Try, and Gun Boy, as well as others that I don't care for so much, such as Rebel Yell and Internet Kills the Eurobeat Stars. Likewise, there are a lot of slower eurobeat songs that I adore, such as Don't Wanna Lose You Baby and I Belong to You, as well as others that I really can't get into, like For Your Love and People Like Dancing.

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Post by Lebon14 » 18 Nov 2010, 06:22

Fast eurobeat for me. All the way. But some slower songs (in the 135-145 range) can be pretty good too.

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Post by DarkSky » 18 Nov 2010, 06:58

Here are the result of about 300 people, I'm not going to post the other results because they contain some private information about the people who participated, and I already sent this stuff to 7A.


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Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 18 Nov 2010, 07:26

I like both, but that's not what I want to say.

I talked to Nick Festari a while back, and he told me Hi NRG-Attack was dying to produce some slower eurobeat. They have been told by Avex to keep pushing out fast paced hyper-active silly eurobeat for a long time, and 7A allowed them to do whatever they want.

So I don't think we should all be blaming just Avex for this new trend in euroland.

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Post by zoupzuop2 » 18 Nov 2010, 07:27

Within a certain range it doesn't matter. Truth be told if it's between 140 and 170 BPM and is produced well, then a good Eurobeat song is a good Eurobeat song. If I HAD to pick one I lean more towards the speedy stuff though.
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Post by Ricfiam » 18 Nov 2010, 08:10

VIVI - slow is better
ELIZA - fast is better

For me it doesn't matter, I care about the whole picture for each song.
...I remember that time...

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Post by drnrg » 18 Nov 2010, 11:19

My favourite era would be the 90s all the way 96, because of the vinyl boom:grin:

it's basically about the melody , I love the old as much as the new and the speeds go accordingly to the style. I've said it countless of x, but I can listen to a song list of both old and new Eurobeat and wouldn't even be thrown off course. a tracklist like this is very comon on my player

Bad Boy- DJ NRG
Music- Sophie
Funky Warriors- Tommy K
I'm Living Alone- Thomas & Shubert
Call My name- Bob Lilly
Danger- Franz Tornado
Rainy Days- Cy-Ro
Lay Your Hands On Me- Drama
Hot Confession- Domino
I'm Alive- Jay Jehr

You have to love the variety of Hi Energy/Eurbeat thru the years

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Post by Vadim » 19 Nov 2010, 09:24

I see dropping bpm's as a blessing.

There is no market justification to keep all bpm's within 150-170 range.
Keep in mind that mainstream pop etc music in Japan is bellow that pbm range. Variety is the key...

And Aishu eurobeat is sometimes agressive - *I'll remember why I love you* is one example...In such a package it may attract the agressive listeners to classic euro-b/romantic songs.

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Post by Makke » 19 Nov 2010, 18:00

speed, speed, speed!
Fortunately there is the VLC Player which have an option for -faster- ... and everything sounds much better :wink:

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Post by Gorgia_v » 19 Nov 2010, 21:35

i dont think i have a prefered bpm, i like some faster eurobeat and like slower eurobeat, the slower stuff thats been released in the 200's some have been excellent, others not so much, then some of the faster songs have been great, and other just plain and generic,
i think it comes down to how well produced the song is and the vocals play a bi part, there are some HRG songs i just skip the moment i hear the intro cause i know i am going to be getting female vocals high on helium and crack....and there are some male songs that just dont do it for me, as eurobeat has so many different styles Happy, Mellow, cutsie, masculine, agressive, rock, dance, techno, i dont think its about the speed, but the style...some people love the speed, but not when theres a cutsie girl singing about rainbows and lollipops its just not their cup of tea!!

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Post by Bore » 20 Nov 2010, 13:47

Speed always beat slower stuff.... No question about it for me.

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Post by dj1ofakind2k10 » 21 Nov 2010, 06:58

My vote definitely goes with speed. To be quite honest, some songs just sound a whole lot better with a faster beat. I've listen to so many Non-Stop mixes that had "Wild Reputation 2005" on it, that when I listen to the original version, it just sounds too slow :???: . There's nothing wrong with slow eurobeat, but I feel that Eurobeat sounds better fast :wink:

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