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Post by Vadim » 21 Feb 2011, 04:31

Just thought I'd share a link...amazing stuff from Sweden, and produced in 2009..!!..there should be more music like this..

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Post by drnrg » 22 Feb 2011, 04:05

I wanna say that I know who this Synthjunkie member is' I've seen that style I've thoughts and writing befeore, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Anyway he seems like a very negative commenter and those are not what Eurobeat needs.

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sally is great

Post by synthjunkie » 22 Feb 2011, 09:18

Yeah, Sally Shapiro is great. I like her albums. Nice new Italo disco sound.

Just curious if you know about Space synth? It's a music style that emerged out of Italo disco in the 80's. It another one of those 80's influenced genres, like Eurobeat. The most famous pioneers for space synth were Laserdance and Koto, who are Italian and Dutch producers. Funny thing, because there is a Eurobeat connection, since the producer for Laserdance who is called Michiel Van Der Kuy produced the songs by Claudia T and Gina and Conny Porshe on the earlier series of Super Eurobeat. He continues to make Space synth music with a new album coming out this year. Funny thought...anyway!

No, I am not trying to be negative, DR NRG, I am trying to encourage people to continue supporting this music, whether it will stil be called eurobeat or not, or whether it turns into another genre. As long as it good quality music, then I'll buy it. Enough said. My messages might not sound the freshest to you, since I just don't have the time to browse all day long on this forum or on other eurobeat related sites to find out every single detail. I am just the average eurobeat listener, who is eager to share and talk about as much as he knows about Eurobeat.

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Re: sally is great

Post by dj1ofakind2k10 » 24 Feb 2011, 05:37

synthjunkie wrote:...I am trying to encourage people to continue supporting this music, whether it will stil be called eurobeat or not... I am just the average eurobeat listener, who is eager to share and talk about as much as he knows about Eurobeat.
I've read your posts, but this one intrigues me the most and two questions come to mind:

1.) What do you think "Eurobeat" should be called?

2.) Just how much Eurobeat have you listened to?

(Not being rude, just a little curious that's all.)

From what I have read from your posts this is what I can gather: You feel that Eurobeat should "move on" by trying to sound more like house and trance music, have more of an 80's sound, and stray away from what made Eurobeat popular in the '90s.

Here's the problem: Eurobeat is not House/Trance music. It's not even techno music. It's EUROBEAT.

Eurobeat, in my opinion, has developed and evolved over the past decades and continues to change. Sure, it doesn't change on the snap of a finger, but it has taken time to change. Take Dave Rodgers for example, the man has constantly done a lot to change and has done many types of Eurobeat styles (yes there are different styles of Eurobeat besides Italo-Disco). I'll explain what I mean with one of his well know songs -

Space Boy:

This song has been featured on many different SEB volumes and is one of the many songs that helped Dave Rodgers establish himself as a solo artist.

Breaking the original version of the song down, at the opening you hear an acoustic guitar start the song, followed by some drums, then the synth kicks in with a catchy and amazing riff and Dave is off singing in a "care free", playful style. Throughout the song, you can hear a little bit of an electric guitar but during the chorus, you can distinctively hear the electric guitar playing in sync with Dave's vocals in the background. What you have here is a great blend of both vocal and musical harmony. Yet, it's not techno/house/trance...this is the Eurobeat sound.

Now, off of the "Initial D Super Euro Best" album, there is a "New Generation Mix" of the song. It starts off with the use of a sample of "astronauts" talking followed by beat break downs and the use of flangers and explosions. Extra expressions are added in such as "Go, Go!" and "Baby, Baby" to give more emphasis on the song. Tempo and vocal style remains unchanged, but the complete vocal and musical harmony are remixed in a way that it gives the song more "energy". This is the DJ style of Eurobeat - beat breaking and sampling. Again not trance/house/techno...Eurobeat.

My last example comes off SEB Vol. 193, the "Grand Mix". Now, by this time, Space Boy had been out for 11 years, after first appearing on SEB Vol. 87 in 1998, so Dave Rodgers (along with Mike Garson & Rafael Moreira) decided for the "Hits Revival" volume to come up with a new "revised" version of Space Boy. The song opens up with a beautiful piano rendition of Space Boy (so emotional and powerful). Following that comes the new synths, which are a lot more powerful than the original version of the song. Dave changes his vocal style from the "care free" style, to a more determined and focused voice (not only to match the style, but after 11 years of singing the song, I think you would know it by now :D ). Also in the mix is the inclusion of the electric guitar, and since this version is "powerful", the electric guitar plays a larger influence. Then there is a break down where the piano adds a hint of Jazz to the song, giving yet ANOTHER take on this song. The vocal and musical harmony is completely changed and you are given a new sound! By this time you should get my point...this is Eurobeat.

That's just ONE song that has been done in various ways. Other artists (Powerful T. , Manuel, Mega NRG Man, etc.) have changed their styles over the years and completely evolved. Take Go 2 for example: Their first track "Not For Sale" was completely energetic and that is what Go 2 is known for - their NRG :wink: (kudos to those who get that <----). However, Go 2's song like "Music Come On" and "Purple Emotion" have a slow pace, nice vocals, and have a relaxing Eurobeat sound (the synths are not so "aggressive" as they are "smooth".)

Not to mention, on the 200 series of SEB volumes, there are been new versions of other songs done and that's still being done. Take Jager's "I won't fall apart" (a great example of a new artist and take on things). The original version of the song is mix of rock, rave, & pop altogether. Then on the recent 211 album, they did a Power Rock version of the song!

Bottom line: You can't define Eurobeat because Eurobeat is it's OWN style. 95% of time it's a great mixture of everything (rock, r&b, trance, pop, etc.) [The other 5% is questionable...], it's just a matter of finding the right album and song. Try listening to more Non Stop albums; I know they are not full versions of songs but they give you a good variety of what the Eurobeat genre is all about. Eurobeat can incorporate things from house and trance, but Eurobeat is it's own identity and nothing can change that because Eurobeat will continue to evolve...which leads to my last point.

As far as @vex and marketing is concerned, Eurobeat won't be able to expand more unless @vex gets out of the Japanese market. No offense to Japan, but there are others around the world that want Eurobeat. I believe Eurobeat can be marketed (going world wide on itunes was mentioned) but it's up to them to market the Eurobeat outside of Japan. As much as I want to see Eurobeat respected as a genre and shared, this most likely won't happen due to the fact that many other people just don't get Eurobeat. I'm optimistic but I'm just not getting my hopes up until something solid can come out of this.

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Post by Wataru Akiyama » 07 Mar 2011, 01:35

Newfield is THE MAN. Just wanted to say that.

Post Newfield I know what to call this bull crap we get these days. I was WONDERING what was wrong with this goddamn picture. :cry:

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Post by drnrg » 07 Mar 2011, 07:08

Can we just burry this thread allready? It's a crappy "What if" situation and I don't like it :evil:

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