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Post by drnrg » 04 Mar 2012, 11:26

Oh dear, I just found out tonight that Because of You is nothing more than another Adam Lambert ripoff, just like What D'you Want From Me. only this time with If I Had You. Aside from I Won't Fall Apart, I guess Jager isn't really the innovative juggernaut that I thought he was. Shame.

(Pardon me for not really following most mainstream pop, but I hadn't heard Mr. Lambert's song until now, well after being impressed by Jager's reincarnation of the track.)
That was actually one of the better radio pop songs from 2010. I didn't realize that beat untill you just mentioned it, but its not the first TIME, that has happened. Remeber that awsome Cherry- "Yes I Will" song that borrowed its Chorus melody from that Pink song? Don't be too hard on Jager. At least SCP used a good pop song :wink:

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Post by Megan188 » 04 Mar 2012, 15:34

I'll admit it's still a very good song, even with a chorus straight from Adam Lambert's hit. Heck, the song I just had for Today's Tune yesterday also derived its chorus from another song. I guess the particularly disappointing thing for me, in this context, is that Jager seemed like one of the most creative and groundbreaking titles that SCP had to offer at first, bridging eurobeat with mainstream pop. His tracks seemed like some of the only ones that could possibly get widespread attention if they were promoted correctly, but now that I know BOY is just leeching off another song that already got widespread attention, I figure it would probably just come off as a shameless copy of that track rather than something fresh and innovative.

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Post by Vadim » 04 Mar 2012, 20:18

Jager project should have been developed similar to amazing Blast tracks that were made for this vocalist. The original Al Benati concept for him worked really nicely.

Mainstream POP should be left alone, not to mention those sort of people do have lawers and big corporations behind them and they can just attack anyone ripping their products.

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Post by the_ditz » 04 Mar 2012, 21:25

I thought everyone knew about Because Of You borrowing from If I Had You by now - it seems to be Jager's "thing". To be honest with you, it's never been a massive issue for me since Adam Lambert doesn't get any radio play over here and is still pretty much unknown, so every Jager track is new to me - bizarrely, since I always end up hearing them second, it's the Adam Lambert tracks that sound like they are ripping Jager off!

But so long as the style of Jager's tracks is kept with that trademark SCP sound, I'm happy. :)

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