Euroenergy Vol. 1-3

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Euroenergy Vol. 1-3

Post by the_ditz » 17 Apr 2011, 20:54

First of all, I can't take credit for discovering these "gems" on iTunes - it's all thanks to a post Travis/zoupzuop2 made on Facebook.

There are 3 albums on iTunes under the series title "Euroenergy" that are pure Eurobeat gold and seem to feature a number of very popular and familiar Eurobeat vocalists. Just from the samples, I have managed to identify...

Manolo = Manuel
Bon Tempest = Powerful T
Alejandro = Mega NRG Man (I think - I might be wrong)

I'm pretty sure there are more well-known vocalists masquerading under other aliases on this series too. So this series is probably well worth a listen...

Euroenergy Vol. 1 - ... d411603639

1. Manolo - Wanna Belong To Me (05:05)
2. Bon Tempest - Be Alive (05:07)
3. Terry Lennon - Fox On The Run (05:29)
4. Tracy Neumann - Jump (05:56)
5. Tex - Rock & Rolling (05:29)
6. Hellback - Just Heaven & Hell (05:38)
7. Kerry Lowe - I Got To Tell You (04:49)
8. Alejandro - It's Now Time To Show (03:46)
9. Apollo - Forever And Ever (04:40)
10. Tobias feat. The Call - Angel of My Heart (04:15)
11. The Beginner - Revolution (06:15)

Euroenergy Vol. 2 - ... d426169681

1. The Lusty Girl - Play My Song (04:10)
2. Larry Queen - Big Love (04:52)
3. Candy Apple - Baby One More Time (04:02)
4. DJ's Gang - Dance Baby Tonight (05:18)
5. Chanel - I Really Wonder (04:10)
6. Jenny Bellucci - Getting Ready For A Night (04:24)
7. Sally Moon Project - We Can Reach the Sky (04:47)
8. Tobias - Stop The Time (04:24)
9. Cindy - Baby Tonight (03:38)
10. Alejandro - Loving Heat (04:50)
11. Mandy - Hey Hey Baby Come On (04:46)

Euroenergy Vol. 3 - ... d428993286

1. Norma Sheffield (yes!! THE Norma Sheffield) - Free In The Sky (05:20)
2. Falko - Up All Night (05:31)
3. Sheila B - Come On Baby (03:55)
4. Tobias - Doky Doky (04:34)
5. Alejandro - Mexico (04:21)
6. DJ's Gang - Dance Dance (04:18)
7. Sheila B - Look Into The Sky (04:44)
8. DJ's Gang - Toyland (04:14)
9. Charlie Angel - You're Mine (05:15)
10. Alejandro - Be A Hero (04:48)
11. Charlie Angel - I'm A Sunshine (05:12)

I wonder what other hidden gems iTunes will throw out in the future...
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Post by Megan188 » 18 Apr 2011, 00:12

Haha, really interesting find! I take it that this is essentially big catalogue of unreleased A-Beat C tracks from around the mid-late 2000's. Maybe they're anonymously releasing it because of the label switch to Sunfire Records.

To be honest, most of these tracks don't sound all that great, so it's no surprise that they never saw the light of day, although there are a few nice songs.

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Post by Brisk » 18 Apr 2011, 01:36

Just quickly listened to the samples and they were rather odd I should say.

Mexico is In The Sunrise with just a different chorus.
Fox On The Run has Tell Me Why's riff.

There's probably more but this is what I noticed on a quick listen.

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Post by para_rigby » 18 Apr 2011, 03:16

Apollo= Digital Planet

Tobias, Larry Queen, DJ's Gang, = DJ NRG?

Chanel, Sally Moon Project= Nuage

Jenny Belluci sounds so familiar...can't pick out who it is. Sounds sort of like Gobbi meets Kiki & Co.

Is the label name, Def, just a front so A-BEAT C could put their unreleased material on iTunes?

BTW, I ended up buying "Rock and Rolling" by Tex. I ended up enjoy the synth line and especially the vocalist's unique voice. Euro-Country, anyone?

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Post by Tiger » 18 Apr 2011, 04:08

Some of the vocalists don't even sound like Abeat C to me like Cindy and Falko. Besides, ABeat doesn't even make Eurodance, which isn't listened in the OP. Also, I have yet to find any of the songs on ASCAP.

It's very easy to say this might be Beatfire but there are just too many recognizable voices :o Plus Nuage doesn't do euro anymore so yeah... it has to be abeat

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Post by DarkSky » 18 Apr 2011, 05:23

Manolo - Wanna Belong To Me, I know this track. It used to be called ''Gonna Feel Allright''. I guess they changed titles for most of the tracks.

This is some strange stuff, it doesn't say A-Beat C anywhere, but I can say for 100% sure that the track above is an A-Beat C track.

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Post by thejti » 18 Apr 2011, 05:42

Kerry Lowe = Terrence Holler
Bon Tempest = Powerful T.
Manolo = Manuel
Tracy Neumann = Sounds a lot like Ray Sun
Alejandro & possibly Tex = Mega NRG Man
Hellback = Sounds like Black Power and Phil can clear this up but I can swear that's Domino singing background
Apolo = Digital Planet
The Lusty Girl = First impression was Kelly T. but I'm not sure to be honest.
Larry Queen, DJ's Gang, Tobias = DJ NRG
Candy Apple, Chanel, Sally Moon Project, The Call = Nuage
Jenny Bellucci = Sounds a lot like Christine or Lucya. Has an early SCP sound to it.
Charlie Angel - Annalise

This sounds like promos to either songs to be released or rejects from Avex. Though a lot sound really cool.
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Post by thejti » 18 Apr 2011, 07:48

The sad thing is that a lot of these songs sounded way better than most of the stuff A-Beat C released during the 170s and 180s. The Powerful T... er... Bon Tempest song is epic as is the Manuel song (or Manolo). Part of me prefers Fox On The Run to Tell Me Why. The singer and the tone of Fox On The Run fits that riff so much more than Tell Me Why with Rich Hard. As for Tex, that song is probably the most creative Eurobeat song in a LONG while. Country singing and guitars mixed with Eurobeat. It somehow works.
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Post by Shawaazu » 18 Apr 2011, 10:04

I'm pretty sure Tex is Brian Ice

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Post by Bore » 18 Apr 2011, 10:52

Candy Apple sounds more like Susy Wender to me than Nuage.

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Post by para_rigby » 18 Apr 2011, 12:08

thejti wrote:As for Tex, that song is probably the most creative Eurobeat song in a LONG while. Country singing and guitars mixed with Eurobeat. It somehow works.
I know! I found this to be a wonderfully unique Eurobeat track. Can't say we'll hear that sort of mix again...

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Post by Vadim » 18 Apr 2011, 17:22

These comps are well comparable with those of Blast in overall quality...

Grab this mysterious compilation while still available............Tokyo never sleeeps...

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Post by the_ditz » 18 Apr 2011, 18:04

para_rigby wrote:
thejti wrote:As for Tex, that song is probably the most creative Eurobeat song in a LONG while. Country singing and guitars mixed with Eurobeat. It somehow works.
I know! I found this to be a wonderfully unique Eurobeat track. Can't say we'll hear that sort of mix again...
I have to say that I really hate the sound of that Tex song. Horribly cheesy with bad production. The Manolo track on the other hand sounds excellent - I'll be grabbing quite a few of these as soon as I have some spare cash :)

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Post by Vadim » 18 Apr 2011, 20:27

What's to spend a few bucks on iTunes in modern times...?...not enough to buy a good chewing gum...

I am grabbing Sheila B Look Into The Sky this bloody instant...Gordon Power..!

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Post by drnrg » 18 Apr 2011, 22:10

First off, I Love aliases. It's all part of the tru Eurobeat expirience for me. AbeatC really hasn't had too many asof lately, so this compilation was a real treat.

Norma Sheffield- Free In The Sky (ABeatC)
A nice song. Typical Norma S. That is not a bad thing per say. I never give her songs lower than a 7, because I really find her vocals to be unique. At the same TIME this can work as a double edge sword for her, because I seldome rate her music higher than an 8. This is yet another safe sounding aishu syle song that doesn't bring anything new to the party. I can listen to it without any problem, but after such a hiatus; I was expecting something much more exciting.

Falko- Up All Night(Double?)
How Is this hyper techno? I've heard that Hyper techno stuff and they don't feature many lyrics and it's mosty cussing and spanish shoutouts. Anyway,I know I have heard this vocalist before. The song sounds nothing from An ABEATC catalog. It sounds more like HRG Attack or even Beatfire as someone allready mentioned. The bassline is the same style they used around the Euromach years. To tell you the truth ,I even hear old school SCP more than anything else. remeber Fastway's, classic, Number One?Which when I think about it, could have been born under Double , AbeatC's sub-label. The song is TREMONDOUZ and call me crazy ,but the vocalist sounds kinda like inbetween Gino Caria and Giacomo Caria with Festari overtones. I know that's highly unlikely, but it's iether that or a totally distorted Mega NRG Man during his Dog Eat Dog years, which is probobly the case? I really wish I knew 100% for sure what label it was? Anyway, as I mentioned, this could be Number One part 2. It's fast ,aggressive and those vocals, man what wonderful agressive vocal work. Love the aihayahay that the back up gilrs are singing. The riff its totally different. Think "Fly High" from Joe Foster(Gino Caria). It had the same guitar riff tones this song has. It wouldn't surprise me if this one turns out to be my favourit from this whole Euroenergy series.

Shiela B.- Comon Baby(ABeaTC)
This si ABEATC.She could be Annerly Gordon on speed? My first thought is that it's too fast for it's own good. The overall melody from the verses doesn't seem to go with the one in the chorus. It's not a bad song, but it kinda flows along without leaving any impact at all. The Beautiful intro is what gets stuck on my mind, but as soon as the riff kicks in, it kinda goes downhill for me. I really don't like mash ups of cutsie style with more serious aishu. They just contradict each other. In the end ,I really can't give the song a positive grade, cuz of that se-saw effect it give me. The outro kids are epic fail!

Tobias- Doki Doki(ABEATC)
Damn, I was really hoping for some unreleased Gino Caria. Since I saw the name Tobias, I thought maybe a take off of Toby Ash; which was originally Gino's alais at TIME, after SOS that is. What we get is K.L. Jones, which is also great. The intro is a bit sappy, but you have to appreciate the beautiful piano and Ken sounds great. The overall melody is very accordingly to what Ken would song back in the day. I like it a lot better than Let's Get It Done Tonight and Ken sounds in top form. Doki Doki? What can I say? A strange title for ABeatC, but right at home for Ken. Remeber Dudu Dada and Bora Bora at TIME? Anyway, a nice song that probiobly would have been to have on SEB instead of those sappy Annalise trax we were bombarded with in the 170s. Haha! love the laser outro.

Alejandro- Mexico (AbeatC)
Oh Crap. I didn't care for this song when it was featured under the name In The Sunrise. That riff is one of the worst I've ever heard. So uninspired and transe sounding. To top it off the melody of Mexico Mexico is just from D-Essex- Tokyo Tokyo. Very lazy songwriting if you ask me. Anyway, this must be a real treat for those of you who enjoyed In The Sunrise ? For me it's a total skipper.

Djs Gang- Dance Dance (ABeatC)
There is actually an actual DJ's Gang in classic Italo disco. It's cool for Ken to use a name reffering to his DJ NRG alias. What I didn't really enjoy is that even this song made his vocals sound rather chipmonkish. I'm sure it would have been a fine sing along para para number if it not had been so distroted in vocals. I really liked the melody in the chorus, especially during that small break up between were he says parapara and in the morning Unfortunately I couldn't recall any of the rest. Even after 3 repeats.

Shiela B. Look Into The Sky (ABeatC)
here we go! This one is megafast fast, butsomehow hits the spot. Again; are we in Annerly Gordon territory? This song has a marvelous continuous piano in the backround and when its not a piano it's little keuboard effects here and there. The overall song is very nostalgic. It's ABEATC, but also sounding rather fresh. better than most songs Annerly released on SEB towards her last run. Pitty AVEX overlooked this one.

DJ's Gang- Toyland (ABEATC)
A lot a x a song can get my attention from it's tital alone. Toyland seemed like one I had never heard before. The intro had a kinda Piano effect ABEATC is known for. Sorta mesmerizing like Digital Planet's New Day and I like that. It's not until I heard the riff, that I realized this song is gonna be mighty fast. Sure enough it is, but it laso has it's charm because it's a duet with K.L. Jones. My first reaction is that he sang the original vocals and later on they added Annalise cuz he gets completely drowned out in the verses. I probobly would have liked the song a lot more if both vocalists sounded strong. and what was the deal with this super speed? Much essence gets lost ,unless it's a supior production like DELTA or Eurogrooves.

Charlie Angel- You're Mine (ABeatC)
This has 80s vibe to it. I like that. I also like the melody in the chorus and riff. It's sweet, but not entirely aishu. It sounds like a Norma Sheffield track but without the opera etic edge. It's also easier to appreciate the melodyy at its relexed bpms. Turn off the lights and then turn on the strobe lights and watch this song come alive during that last couplet. Nice job.

Alejandro - Be A Hero (ABeatC)
WOW! I'm really taken in by this song. Realy different sound for Mega NRG Man. Did someone mention the word epic? You get that effect in the chorus slone. Again wonderful relaxed speed that rwlly goes with this style. It's Powerful Aishu done in the same style Dave does onece in a while, but I'm tempted to say even better than Dave's Aishu style. What's that effect during the verses. I've heard it in songs from The Cars, so its very 80s inspired. Anyway, Alejandro's vocals really hit operatic levels during that chorus. The "gos" are giving the song even more power. A real headscratcher why this song didn't make the SEB rostre, but glad to have it here in my collection.

Charlie Angel- I'm A Sunshine (AbeatC)
Wow! Even better than You're Mine. The riff is wonderfuuuuul! It also has a Norma Sheffield edge, but a bit less sappy. This song works because of the speed. It isn't super fast nor anything and flows nicley in connection with the lyrics. The bridge is probobly my favourit part and I do kinda wish the chorus was a bit more original than just repeating Sun Sun Sun, but when coupled with the synths, it just really shines. I really like Charlie Angle as an alias. It's kinda androgenous sounding, because Charlie is more often used as a male name. It has the effect that Magika had when Gino Caria first sang "I Know Magika"

The're are a few great songs, Like Up All Night, Be A Hero and look Into The Sky, but the rest are kinda filler material. Excited to get the next one and search some other long lost gems.
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