Toho Euro Flash vol. 2

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Toho Euro Flash vol. 2

Post by Tiger » 14 Aug 2011, 00:11

Release date: now released (8/13/11)
price: 1400 yen

songlist with samples at

transcribed songlist from blogger at dancemania-ex:
01. Crazy Hot / Nachi Sakaue
02. Search for the butterfly / 3L
03. Too love to love / maria♂polo
04. Warning! / 3L・maria♂polo
05. Endless night / 3L
06. Madoi no Tsuki (Rayto Mix) / 3L
07. Yume to Maboroshi to Awa to Kage (valle blanco Mix) / 3L
08. Light travel distance (Rayto Mix) / Nachi Sakaue

I found that you can buy this at ... L/+02+main . No idea if they're able to ship overseas. The record label's website, , lists 3 other websites but on w-canvas i couldn't find

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