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Post by Megan188 » 26 Feb 2012, 16:56

You could maybe try going for a more exotic sound by incorporating a few world instruments. I can imagine a eurobeat song that uses bongos or a Japanese koto sounding pretty cool. A few atmospheric effects might add even more of an authentic, realistic touch. I love the intro in Merry Christmas by F.C.F., for example, which uses a Chinese flute, a few wispy sounds, and then a piano riff to really put you in that wintery mood.

I'd also love to hear some occasional strings here and there. They could make your songs seem a little more dignified and mature. I know Travis opened his 2010 Mix of Cherry Blossoms with an orchestral segment, and I think incorporating the same idea throughout the song (not just abruptly jumping into a cool-but-out-of-place clip of post-Renaissance music like in Kingdom of Rock) might have potential.

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Post by Karina1003 » 12 Jun 2012, 07:09

There was a saxophone-like sound (not a real one, probably a keyboard/synth sax sound) in the later part of 'Away' by Mr. M. I thought that was a nice touch. And while we're talking about the same vocalist, 'Music Fever' (DJ Luke Penn feat Mr. M) and 'Music Power' (Petrarka) had some lovely piano outros at the very end of the song. Both of these were written by Luca Pernici and Giordano Gambogi, by the way.

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