new Annerley Gordon (project Whigfield) single information

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new Annerley Gordon (project Whigfield) single information

Post by synthjunkie » 05 Sep 2012, 22:26

ok, this isn't exactly eurobeat related, but it is about Annerley Gordon anyways, so I still decided to post this news here, for those who are Annerley Gordon fans.

Annerley Gordon, who provides the vocals under many Eurobeat aliases, as well as many Eurodance/eurohouse projects including WHIGFIELD, ANN LEE, and countless others, is releasing a new single Sept. 7, 2012, under the project Whigfield alias. Lip sync model provided by Sannie Carlson, and vocals by Annerley Gordon.

A short preview of the song can be hear on the official Whigfield facebook page. It seems to have an 80's synth pop sound to it, but it's only a short preview, so it's hard to hear what it might sound in the full version. Remixes are expected to come along with the single release on itunes, Sept. 7. A new album is in the works too.

Here is the official facebook page with the new single preview:

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