LED has just released Supereurobeat Vol.41 on iTunes!

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LED has just released Supereurobeat Vol.41 on iTunes!

Post by 134217728 » 21 Oct 2013, 00:46

Since Luigi Stanga released Supereurobeat Vol.40 on iTunes,there had not been any movement of this series for a long time.But yesterday I found Supereurobeat Vol.41 released few days ago.

To my surprise,this digital release contains a new song that I've paid attention to all the time,"Speed Love/Dream Fighter",which is from Dima Music.However,"Hot Games/David Dima" and "Go Go Japan/Toy Toy" still not appears!

In addition,I find some LED songs from this release.The other song they didn't entirely uploaded until now is "Don't Stop Me Now/Italo Speed",which appeared on Juno several years ago but was released only as a single track.Supereurobeat Vol.41 included the Instrumental and Vox track of this song.

Up to now the 2 lost songs from Vibration,"Me and my/Maria Short" and "Fly/Dee Dee",still remains a mystery.I will be concerned about the tendency of LED Records and hope that they will find them back and finally release them.

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