Top/Bottom 10 Songs of the 220's

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Post by the_ditz » 27 Jul 2014, 20:23

Exactly - you could argue by looking at my list that I largely ignore everything that isn't SCP, but they feature so heavily simply because they are my favourite label. I would like to at least think that people will try to listen to all tracks and give them an equal chance however ;)

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Post by Darkholme » 27 Jul 2014, 20:52

As long as it's not simple brand loyalty, just look at what that's done with the gaming community.

Right now SS is my fave as well, but only because of their music (and their attempts to engage the fans)

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Post by #Infinity » 27 Jul 2014, 21:12

I adore SinclaireStyle's male songs, but I really don't understand the widespread praise for his female-led creations, especially Tearful Eyes. That song has grown on me a bit since I first heard it, but not by much. The verse melody has some effective elements, but the track is still plagued by unfocused production and poor development.

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Post by para_rigby » 27 Jul 2014, 23:46

Top 10 Songs (no particular order)
1. Brand New World/ Ace
2. Wacky-Wacky-O!/Scream Team
3. Angel/ Nathalie & Roberta
4. Don't Keep Your Love Away/ Pamsy
5. Tiger/ Manuel
6. Welcome to the Show/ Tanith & Dark Evil
7. Fly Magic/ Jager
8. Kool Kitten/ Franz Tornado
9. Dancing Out Of Danger/ Fastway
10. Angel Right to Me/ Bliss

Honorable Mentions
1. Wilder Faster Louder/ Dejo
2. Different Girl/ An-G
3. Kiss/ Bamboo Bimbo
4. Crazy Love/ Casanova
5. Crazy Little Love/ Nuage

The Crapfest 10
1. Learning Love/ Oceania
2. Take a Chance on Me/ Norma Sheffield feat Futura
3. Reborn My Fire/ Cherry
4. All Rich Hard entries
5. All David Dima led entries
6. All Ultraviolet entries
7. Stay With You/ Stephy Martin
8. Mayday/ Luke
9. Lovely/ Irene (if the vocals weren't distorted, I would like it so much more)
10. All Dave & Futura entries...blech.

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Post by Bore » 28 Jul 2014, 00:20

Best 10 entries

1.Manuel - Never Say Never
2.Kaioh - Sunlight
3.Nuage - Crazy Little Love
4.Dejo - Wilder Faster Louder
5.Mark Farina - Last Of Eurobeat
6.Manuel - Manga Style
7.Tanith & Dark Evil- Welcome To The Show
8.Scream Team - Wacky-Wacky-O!
9.Domino - Bad Girl
10.Ace - Brand New World

Worst 10 entries

1.Karen - Maybe One Day
2.Norma Sheffield - Gimme Love
3.Luke & Cherry - Something Beautiful
4.Wildside - Get Somebody To Love Him
5.Isabelle - Radio Love
6.Norma Sheffield - Take Me Into Your Golden Dream
7.Tipsy & Tipsy - Whenever I Dream On
8.Cherry - Fairy Tale
9.Mara Nell - Lady Speed Racer
10.Cherry - Unforgettable

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Post by drnrg » 28 Jul 2014, 04:43

Nice post. Fanboyism is a thin line. I've gone thru my own fanboy phases myself. TIME, HRG Attack and without even starting; I think my top 10 here could feature at least 5 Sinclaire songs. When it comes to Eurobeat ; you really can't be swayed away from you like by the other peers. You need to stick by your guns till the end. My list will contain songs love by ; as well , as hated by you guys, but I stick to them because; weather they are from the Aggressive side or Aishu side, they contain what I crave from each style. I Started out by choosing my fav three from each disc and after much thought came up with top 10, but dicided to post my top 20 and to my surprise Dave has continued to be the male champ this decade..

1. Dave Rodgers - 1 Fire(Sun Fire)SEB 221
If there was one song that would carry the word "EPIC" this decade; it would have to be Dave's, 1 Fire. It had everything that I loved about Abeatc and brought over to Sun Fire. True Aggressiveness in Eurobeat has been absent for someTIME now, but this song reminded me why I loved the ABeatC years from Gino Caria through Powerful T. A true master piece in my ears. I'm really getting into New race Game as well, but still not enough points to crack this top 20.

2. Les - Tearful Eyes(Sinclaire Style)SEB 223
This disc was the one that got my hooked to Sinclaire female style. This is perfect example of saving the best material for a debut artist. The comnparison to Elena Ferretti's voacls was so uncanny that many; including myself, thought she might have made a return to Eurobeat under a different name. It wouldn't have been the first TIME she teamed up with Bratt's sound, so all suspicions pointed to Elena as the guilty culprit. It turned out not to be so, but the song has had a strong hold on my Eurobeat ears since it came out. It was Aishu Aggressive. From lovely operetic vocal styles to the fast Synth riff, it just made everything fall perfectly together under musical composition. My true favourite female Eurobeat song of the decade.

3. Cy-Ro - Born To Be Wild In My Car (HRG Attack)SEB 221
One of the songs that got much slack from some members turns out to be my favourite HRG attack song of the decade. Almost every portion of the song featured a new sound or variable. the song's length was one of my favourites, giving it all the opportuninty to feature different intro, break , instrumental and even pre outro. The icing for me was Festari's vocal delivery, whom I miss very much in Eurobeat.

4. Mark Farina - Last Of Eurobeat(Saifam)SEB 222
Just as 1 Fire reminded me of the sound of ABeatC's second golden era, this Mark Farina brought back the Boom Boom Beat years. Mauro sounded on top notch and still had all the tricks lyric-wise. Pity he hasn't released any male eurobeat trcaks anymore, but this showed a true light in the window for the label.

5. Bonn - Pull The Trigger(Sinclaire Style)SEB 224
No Top 10 of mine could go untouched by the master vocals of Mando Bonnini. EveryTIME a Bonn songs comes around: names like Mike Hammer, Mako, Dr. Love, Stop Limit Line, Sandy Bee, start dancing in my head. The man is a true Eurobeat legend in every sense of the word. This song had everything I was craving for a male Sinclaire song that would equal the epicness of his female sung offereings , which were burning up my charts.

6. Daniel - Poison(DELTA)SEB 224
and just like Bonn did a major comeback, so did the original Daniel that gave us the amazing "Frontal Impact" The vocals did most of the magic for me on this song, but the synth riff was also "take no prisoners" gripping. Throw in a cool theme like Poison running through ones veins and you have a great race themed song of another level.

7. Garcon - Lucky Lucky(HRG Attack)SEB 222
This song brought back the fun sound of HRG Attack. They don't usually put out this sound anymore. The "euro mach" sound, so this track was such a treat for me. The riff and melodies also did Nick Festari's vocals justice just as "Everybody Go" and other classics gone by.

8. J. Stark - The Jungle Is On Fire(DELTA)SEB 226
One of the new DELTA classics. This one is one among many this year and I can only hope the streak continues into next year. Its one of those songs that was screaming for a new star to be born. We know it's Luka on vocals, but the song's structure didn't quite fit the Paul Harris or Luke name and so J. Stark was created. With it's new vibe, I just hope the j. Stark song fits the name as perfectly too.

9. Luke & Cherry - Something Beautiful(DELTA)SEB 227
Two of the biggest names at DELTA team up creat magic. The kind of magic born in the early 2000s, when Eurobeat wasn't afraid of a little love themed Eurobeat from TIME to TIME. With the absence of Dall Ora's writing skills, we hardly get these Romanced themed songs, so this duet was a warm welcome. It took forever to reach umber 1 on my charts, but with each listen and step up the list ,it was slowly becomming one of my fav DELTA songs this SEB decade.

10. Sinclaire All Stars - Xmas Love(Sinclaire Style)SEB 226
This falls in one of my top 10 for the sheer fact that it features all Sinclaire Style artists currently on his rostre singing and delivery different lines throughout the song.. The accapella intro was pure magic and for the first TIME in many years a song that fit the X mas vibe was born. It reminded me of those TIME All Star songs gone by and they all hold a special place in my heart. As does this one.

these next ones would be the honourable mentions. I really don't think the songs from SEB 228-29 have the instant charm as do the songs from the first five volumes of this decade. So aside, from a few real powerhouse stand outs you will see a huge absense of thier showcasing. anyway, each one of these next songs contains that one special part in the song that could well put them all at a #11. tie. Also this list could go into a top 30 because of great songs from Lilly, Cindy, Danie that just barely missed out. So this decade has actually been pretty damn amazing for me.

11. Megan - Walking Alone In London(Sinclaire Style)SEB 223
The piano intro melody did it for me since I first heard the previews. The rest reminded so much of Cherry "When I Close My Eyes". The only reason it missed the top 10, is because Xmas Love features all the vocalists and not just one.

12. Powerful T. - Fantasy Car(Sun Fire)SEB 225
how great it feels to put a Powerful T. song in this list after a long TIME. By the end of the year "Black Widow" could surpass "Fantasy Car" classic staus, but up till now ,this was Powerful T.'s comeback song for me.

13. Dejo & Bon - Loving Eurobeat (Sinclaire Style)SEB 221
This song also took its TIME climbing to number 1, but made it all the more strong and memorable once it reached its peak. It had eveything you want to hear from an aggressive D-Essex song and all the escence of a Bonn/Nando track as well.

14. Go 2 - Hot Hot Racin' Car(SCP)SEB 225
Everything I used to love about Go 2 ,is present on this track, but that mind blowing mid break is one of the most original ones I've heard in years. I'm a sucker for magnificant intros and breaks.

15. Paul Harris - Dreamers(DELTA)SEB 224
Luka does his best serious casanova lover sounding vocals on this song. The "dreamy" synth riff catches me in a transe everyTIME I play it. I can't help but to want to mimic those vocals. Deep and Sexy(for a man) as a singer can get.

16. Futura - One More Night(Sun Fire)SEB 227
Futura's latest gem features that crazy pitched sound of Euromach. HRG was allways the champs for me in this realm, but Futura takes the crown, not only for some uplifting chorus but a very old school sounding chorus melody. Simple but so catchy it sticks to you like a leech to the very last note.

17. Cherry - Unforgettable(DELTA)SEB 229
It doesn't get any better when dealing with a DELTA aishu style song. The fact that Clara delevrs the vocals makes it all the more special. I could easily put this and "Fairy tale" side by side, but I chose to slot "Unforgettable" higher, because it brings back those melodies of Leslie Parrish songs gone by. I'm speaking of the DELTA vinyl age for this song features all the ingredients of a perfect homage to that shining DELTA era.

18. Jeff Driller - Drill -O- Man(HRG Attack)SEB 228
This one is full of Italo overtones in the riff and chorus melodies. The way Federicco delivers the vocals takes me back to the early Franz Tornado days. After the Roberto Gabrielli days. The sound effects; instrumental; as well as vocal -wise, got me hyped right away. the only thing missing was the female backups and I would have slotted this higher. Way Higher!

19. Cherry - Fairy Tale(DELTA)SEB 225
same applies here as for "unforgettable", but these one doesn't have the epic Piano intro; thus slotting, a few places lower.

20. Pamsy - Crazy & Free(SCP)SEB 227
hard to find Pamsy on my top 10 these days, but if you have been following my list, then you'll notice how she's heading up to number one these days practiaccly effortlessly. I will actually probly end up liking "Give A new Go" more by the end of the year, but for now lets just slot Pamsy comfortably at number 20 for really great composition from the studios of SCP.

Bottom 10. This was actually a bit harder, since there are really no songs that I hate like I did back some years ago. These are songs that did absolutely nothing for me, but leave me with a bland taste in my mouth and wish I had heard a much better song by the same artist.. These are the songs that go by without me even realizing they had ended untill I find myself singing to the next one. An extension or bad sequal to another one of the artist's better offerings. Maybe a better word could be transparant? Top 8 0nly and Also not in order just SEB order.

Poweful T. - Kelly(A BeatC)SEB 221
probobly the most forettable Powerful T. song I ever heard. Up to this day it ends before I even realize it went by. The sappyness of its atmosphere is everything the opposite of what I love in a Powerful T. song. Perhaps if they would have chosen a different alias to deliver the song?

Cy-Ro - Dance To The Top Of Fire(HRG Attack)SEB 222
This Cy-Ro track was completely overshadowed by the epic "Born To Be Wild In My Car" Maybe it was the fact that he released another Cy-Ro trcak too soon, but this song only spent 3 weeks in my top 30 before fizzleing away into Eurobeat oblivion.

Micky B. - Miss You(Sun Fire)SEB 223
The magic of "Never Again" was never heard once in this song. I had to listen to it 3x and still....nothing. Not even a foot tap.

Karen - Maybe One Day(AbeatC)SEB 225
Karen was never one of my prefered vocalists. She sounded too much like those 90's Euro Dance singers. I did love her first few songs on AbeatC, but this one fizzled before it even gained momentum on my list.

Ultraviolet - Moonlight Hero(Dima Music)SEB 225
I usually go nuts for new artists. I always think thier debut should be something tremendously memorable. EveryTIME this went by on my palyer; I had to go and listen to Dave's(TIME) much more appealing version of the same titled song just to wake up.

Irene - Dream Away(SCP)SEB 226
The most forgettable SCP song of the year. Sounded like a cut and paste of Irene and Pamsy songs. and not even the good ones. I'm not even sure Extended version would help this major flopper. It would just extendedly flop even more.

Tipsy & Tipsy - Whenever I Dream On(Saifam)SEB 227
By the TIME this song came out ;I was sick and tired of seeing the name ,Tipsy and Tipsy on the series. the song just sounded like an extension of all other Tipsy and Tipsy songs of this decade.Thank GOD for the Wildside rebirth.

Hotblade - Showdown(SCP)SEB 227
There is always that one forgettable song from a label favourit and this "Showdown" is the one for me. I Love Hot Blade style, but this one sounded like a filler Fastway track. The short legnth did nothing to improve its lasting effect on me.

I won't bother with dishonourable mentions for this sections, because those do even less for me than these and throwing salt on Eurobeat wounds, just doesn't seem prudent enough.

This list could change , as I get more into the last three cds, but aside from a handfull few from Luke, Dave Rodgers, Manuel, Powerful T or Pamsy,I seriously doubt the other songs would have any impact on my top 10. Those are my Kings and Queens.

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Post by EurothunderNL » 31 Jul 2014, 19:00


DAVE & FUTURA into the moon
MEGAN walking alone in london
GARCON Lucky Lucky
LILLY make me wonder
BON pull the trigger
TORA you got me boom boom
CIAO CIAO give me your heaven
LES & MEGAN beat around
DEE DEE WONDER operation Casablanca
OCEANIA learning love
CHERRY unforgetable
TORA for the fans

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Post by otter87 » 20 Aug 2014, 23:22

I haven't even listened to half of the 220s x_x However, my favorite songs from what I have listened to are:

Tipsy & Tipsy - Baby Tonight (225)
Norma Sheffield feat. Futura - Take A Chance On Me (226)
Dejo - Wilder Faster Louder (227)
Megan - The Winner Is Me (228)

I was extremely surprised with Take A Chance On Me since, in all honesty, I have only enjoyed exactly one other track from both artists in the past.

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