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Re: 100 SEBs ago...

Post by WNight » 11 Jan 2018, 03:57

SEB 144 is a decent album for the 140s, including what I feel is one of the best Domino song to ever exist next to Woa Woa Woa. The Game Of My Name is just too good, and at a time when Domino was having a string of nothing but bubbly/upbeat tunes after SEB 95's Woa Woa Woa, the arrival of a serious sounding track (in 日本語 no less) was quite the jaw dropper. Gettin You Gettin Me was also a favorite of mine of this album as it has a pretty interesting style of eurobeat that has never quite been replicated since afaik. Night Flight To Tokyo was good too but in the bigger scheme of things, it was a pretty weak Matt Land song when you consider that the guy was practically on fire from the time he debut up till 139 with stuff like Fever The Night/The Road Is On Fire/Bad Dream etc. Also his 2nd last track before he went on that long hiatus before coming back briefly with even more underwhelming tracks, which was sad. Car Of Your Dreams is decent, but I feel that it's a pretty highly overrated song for the most part, the riff and the chorus are the only good parts of the song.

Both of De Jorio's songs were decent too, and of course you can't really discount the SCP iconic Christian/Ennio duo as well, Moon Child most likely isn't even a song most would even remember when you talk about Ace classics, but it's a decent track for what it is when you get to hear it. The emotionally charged I Wanna Take A Chance remains one of my favourite Ennio songs till today, and it would be nice if Ennio would ever get back to such a style again.

Rest of the album wasn't as good.
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Re: 100 SEBs ago...

Post by KiraTM » 11 Jan 2018, 17:00

Moon Child is one of the most memorable ACE songs for me. My girlfriend back then who isn't into Eurobeat loved that song. It was basically "our song" then. That makes it really special for me.

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