What Was Bad Now Is Good?

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What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by para_rigby » 29 Oct 2018, 15:52

What were some songs you absolutely disliked but grew to love lots over time?

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by Cy-Ro » 29 Oct 2018, 15:57

Pretty much everything J-Euro, started listening not too long ago, but now i really love it.
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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by otter87 » 29 Oct 2018, 16:48

I really can’t think of one. If there is a song that I don’t enjoy while listening to an album, I typically won’t listen to it again.

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by Lebon14 » 29 Oct 2018, 21:16

Most of SEB 179. Frontal Impact is still by the worst thing ever but the rest has really grown on me; especially Red Light & Sex.

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by Bonkers » 29 Oct 2018, 22:12

Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by KiraTM » 29 Oct 2018, 22:14

I was just creating a playlist for my next trip and saw one of those songs. Sandy by Mela (204) took over a year to grow on me. I didn't like it when I pirated the album but as soon as I got the actual CD, I listened to each song more closely.

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by Mikaeru » 30 Oct 2018, 14:21

Lucya - Beautiful.

Fairly laid back song on one of the most solid SEBs so I sort of gave it a pass at first. Then it grew into one of my absolute favourite songs.

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by xiao » 30 Oct 2018, 15:29

I used to be a Sprite kind of person ~ but thanks to D.Va now I'm hooked on Mountain Dew!Image

Oh wait .. we're talking about music right?

Popcorns & Sex / Queen 26 - Initially the overly saccharine feel of the track and raunchy lyrics made me cringe so hard :D but after repeated listening I grew to absolutely adore the song and relate it more to driving than .. well sex :D

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 30 Mar 2019, 23:49

To be honest, what is for me bad, that stays bad. I can't remember that I liked a song, that I disliked before. Something like that has never happened to me. When I dislike a Eurobeat-Song, then I will never hear it again.
But don't worry, the reverse way has also never happened before, that i dislike a song, what i liked before. So don't be afraid, cause THAT will never happen. What I like, i will like it 4ever.

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Re: What Was Bad Now Is Good?

Post by drnrg » 31 Mar 2019, 08:42

I've been listening a lot to ABeatC songs catalog #s 1100- 1200.
I used to think the intros were very rough, and I don't have many in my vinyls collection, but now are some of my favorite ABeatC songs like Annalise - Make Love, Casanova - Feel The Passion, and some of the DJ NRG songs.

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