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Dave Rodgers in the Netherlands, September 2nd 2019

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 18:20
by SuperEuroJimmy
Some of you already heard, but Giancarlo Pasquini, better known as Dave Rodgers, will be doing some kind of show in the Netherlands on Monday September 2nd 2019. Here I'll try to explain what's gonna happen, from what I know.

During the summer a friend of mine, Chris, went to Italy to meet up with Giancarlo to record a new video clip of Space Boy 2019. This clip is currently in post-production and will be released later this year.
During her stay, Chris helped with the recording of the next revamped hit by Giancarlo; Seventies. Originally by Mega NRG Man, Giancarlo is pretty proud of this production and is going to release it 2019-style.
The song was recorded, and now they want to make a video clip for that one as well. Chris being Dutch, and Giancarlo being good friends with Marcello d'Azzurro, they decided to record it in the Netherlands. This will take place on the 2nd of September 2019, in a pub in Delft called 'De Tobbe'.
For this recording they want to have a big crowd partying (or something like that). So anyone who wants to come, is welcome to. You might see yourself in this new video clip, which is pretty cool.

Next to Giancarlo coming, he's taking his friend Fabrizio Rizzolo (aka Brian Ice) to help film it!

AND ALSO, his ex-wife Domino is coming too! This is because she hasn't been to the Netherlands in a long time, and really wants to meet up with Marcello and others.

If they're going to perform any songs, do meet-and-greets, or something else; I don't know. They don't know (at this time). But, one thing is for sure; if you can make it to Delft on the 2nd of September, you totally should! The event starts around 20:00 and lasts until probably 22:00. Keep in mind that this will be a video recording, so there might be multiple takes of the same thing.

So, that's all I know. Once I got more info, you'll hear it first!

Re: Dave Rodgers in the Netherlands, September 2nd 2019

Posted: 26 Aug 2019, 22:05
by Sonicfreak
That sure sound like a golden opportunity to meet Giancarlo.

Re: Dave Rodgers in the Netherlands, September 2nd 2019

Posted: 29 Aug 2019, 19:54
by SuperEuroJimmy
Sure is!

Also, date, time and location are 100% sure. Only the ending time is a question mark at this moment. That kinda depends on how the night goes.