Disco NRG Sound System - For The Love of Eurobeat vol. 01

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Disco NRG Sound System - For The Love of Eurobeat vol. 01

Post by Densetsu13 » 28 Mar 2020, 17:52

Disco NRG Sound System - For The Love of Eurobeat - Vol. 01 (Random Selection - Mixed by Densetsu13)

01. Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey - Discord 2019
02. Jo Sterling - O! S! U! Euro Man
03. The Snake - Blades of Fire (FK Tokyo Remix)
04. Matt Land - Invisible
05. Lolita - Light Your Fire
06. Susan Bell - Just Another Day
07. Melissa White - One More Time (Disco NRG Edit)
08. Kate Rush - One Day
09. Veronica - Mamma Mia
10. Kimmy - My Oh My
11. Stephy Martini - Mad Desire
12. Kelly T. - Take Me To Heaven
13. Tipsy & Tipsy - Ever Forever Together (Factory Para Para Mix)
14. Karisma Feat. Miss Violet - Cherry Cherry (Super Boom Boom Mix)
15. Rose - Perfect Time 2007 (DJ Gun Re-Edit)
16. Ayumi Hamasaki - Startin' (Eurogrooves 2011 Remix)
17. Girl Next Door - 無防備な純愛 (Eurogrooves Remix)
18. Nagisa - Our Generation
19. 長尾ちえみ - Ayumi
20. Kiki & Fancy - That's Amore

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Eurobeat mix featuring tracks that I just happened to be in the mood for.

In the past I've only ever mixed Eurobeat for parapara dance events, which needs to be mixed in a certain way to fit the routines/choreography. The point of "For The Love of Eurobeat" series is so that I can mix it as I please, with a focus on highlighting the interesting parts of a track (extra verses, c-melos, etc.) and a mixing style of transitions not usually used for parapara mixes.

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.

Some details regarding this mix:

• Inspiration for my mixing comes from Jim Maguina, Francis Poitras, Andres Giovanni Sepulveda Aros, Pablo De La Barra, Eurobeat Memes, Lebon, Zach Duenas, Caio Paraguassu, Jaynan Christiane, Victor Dos Santos Costa, Jimmy Tork, Thomas Arthur, Javier Morel, Ken Li and Francisco Gaitan to name a few (or a lot lol) of us international eurobeaters who mix! Also the many Japanese DJs such as Shogo Okazawa, DJ Boss, DJ Gun, Bancho, Eurobeat Union (DJ Command & FN2), DJ Yakumaru, FK Tokyo Remix (Tomoki Liber-tomo Ichikawa & Junichi Fujimoto), DJフリーザ and DJ Kenichi to name a few. If I can hear you, I'm thinking of how I can improve. :idea:

• The opening track Discord 2019 is what inspired me to make this mix to being with! I felt that this track is so awesome, but was sad that it wouldn't often be heard in mixes in the Japanese parapara scene, so I decided to make it a highlight. Shout out to Travis Stebbins!

• The first section (tracks 1 through 6) is a "hot blooded Eurobeat" section. A term coined by Japanese Eurobeaters meant to express a more agressive style, often heard in tracks meant for racing, Initial D, etc.

• Tracks 4-6 are all about that classic A-Beat-C sound from 2000-2001 with that excellent drum kick and synth they used back then. I wanted to highlight songs of that production style other than the usual suspects we tend to hear (Wheels of Fire, Captain Fantastic, etc.)

• Track 7 is an old track from SCP (I’m guessing 2004-2006 era) that had not been released until recently. I first took note of it in the Eurobeat Memes ‘Time’ mix and fell in love with it. For this mix I made my own edit where it is sped up from the original, the vocals are pitched and the track is re-arranged to allow for all the unique parts to go through once.

Grab Melissa White – One More Time (Disco NRG Edit) here!

• Tracks 7 through 10 was the next section where I was feeling cute happy style Eurobeat.

• Tracks 11 through 15 I was feeling them dramatic female vocals.

• Tracks 16 through 19 I decided to touch upon some J-Euro. Also, those Ayumi Hamasaki and GND remixes are very little known and don't get to see the light of day. However their original BPMs are in the 130s :awesome: , so while the rest of the mix clocks in at 165 BPM these two I could only raise as high as 150 BPM. Any higher and they sounded...off to say the least lol.

• And I ended the mix with my favourite track of the time, That’s Amore, another previously unreleased SCP Music gem! I left it alone for the most part, but for the last portion of the track I kicked it into high gear going up a key and pushing the BPM limit 8).

Thank you for listening and please share! ^^v

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