Disco NRG Sound System - The Miracle Night - Saishin Set

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Disco NRG Sound System - The Miracle Night - Saishin Set

Post by Densetsu13 » 05 Apr 2020, 17:51

Disco NRG Sound System - The Miracle Night - Saishin Set (Mixed by Densetsu13)

1. Scream Team – Millionaire (FK Tokyo Remix)
2. Kiki & Fancy – That’s Amore
3. Lucy Diamond – Saturday Night (Megabeat Edit)
4. Aleky – Do You Remember?
5. J.3 Benz – Let Me Fly On Tokyo Night
6. Stephy Martin – Time Goes By
7. Tipsy & Tipsy – Forever In My Mind
8. Mela – Hurry Hurry Hurry
9. Pimky – Give A Stop To Mind Burnouts
10. Pimky – Let You Take You On Me
11. Elena Ferretti – Lady Shy
12. FxxkingRabbits - イイ波のってん☆NIGHT (DJ Hirocky Go Go コール Edit)
13. Yascotti - Gazen Night (9LoveJ 32 Edit)
14. The Snake - Blades of Fire (FK Tokyo Remix)
15. Nick Festari – Tiger Mask (Megabeat Edit)
16. Chai & Roberta – Gallop
17. Mega NRG Man – Welcome To The Universe (FK Tokyo Remix)
18. Deemo – The Spirit Of The Night
19. Dave Rodgers feat. Eurobeat Union – Gold Night (Megabeat Edit)
20. Dave Rodgers feat. Eurobeat Union – Misty Blue
ENCORE TRACK: Bombers – Disco Energy

BPM range: 160-164

• Dima Music: 4
• SCP: 3
• Delta: 3
• GReurosound: 2
• Eurobeat Union: 2
• SinclaireStyle: 1
• GoGo’s Music: 1
• Other: 2 (Missing label info for FxxkingRabbits - イイ波のってん☆NIGHT and Yascotti - Gazen Night)

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Eurobeat parapara mix I did for Disco NRG’s event the Miracle Night held in Los Angeles, California, USA at Los Globos on November 1st 2019 (https://www.facebook.com/events/2441070329495952/).

For my set, I took on the duties of doing ‘saishin’ which is the Japanese term used in the parapara scene to describe new/recent songs. I enjoy mixing saishin as it presents more of a challenge as I don’t yet know the tracks inside out (compared to tracks I’ve been listening to for years) and it allows me to familiarize myself with them. If anything, I would argue that mixing saishin has helped me, more often than not, to fall in love with some newer Eurobeat tracks which I normally would not have payed attention to if not for having to mix them.

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.
Some details regarding this mix:

• As is tradition, the featured song of the set is the koushukai (lesson of the new dance) of the night which was Disco NRG’s version of Lady Shy / Elena Ferretti from GMRecords. Jason recently released a video about it so check it out here! : https://youtu.be/QwtlMo3gRis

• This tracklist was a curated collaboration between Jason, Jim and myself.

• While I can’t take credit for the awesome remix of Millionaire (Shout out to FK Tokyo Remix’s Tomoki Liber-tomo Ichikawa & Junichi Fujimoto), I can for the editing I did in the intro of the mix cutting in and out of Money Go / Marko Polo. It took me months to realize that this track (and the Star Fire routine) were call backs to Money Go! XD

• I was working with strict time constraints, so some tracks were intro and sabi only to allow for as many songs as possible.

• As Best of SEB 2019 had just come out around the time of The Mircale Night, and was also being promoted there, ¼ of the tracklist are tracks from that release.

• Shout out to Megabeat for his great edit work! ^^v

• The collborations between Eurobeat Union and Dave Rodgers are definitely my highlights of Best of SEB 2019. I really enjoyed getting into Gold Night and then doing that fake out into Misty Blue. As Misty Blue seems to be a call back to Wild Reputation, Jason had the idea of making Wild Reputation the first track of the night (the oldies set was mixed by Jim) while Misty Blue would be the last of the night making things come full circle. I love Misty Blue but I LOVE Misty Blue at 164 BPM 8D.

• For the encore track, as this was a Disco NRG event, it only felt right that our theme song Disco Energy / Bombers closed out the night as the encore track. ♥

• In case you hadn’t noticed, the first half of this mix is Ladies’ Side and the second half is Gentlemen’s Side. ;)

Thank you for listening! ^^v

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Re: Disco NRG Sound System - The Miracle Night - Saishin Set

Post by Akira » 09 Apr 2020, 10:20

Impressive mix! Giving me life during this confinement :) I really love the high energy of the whole mix and the track selection is exquisite.

Followed you on both Mixcloud and YouTube (I was already a follower on YouTube with my previous YouTube account, not the Super!NOVA one).

Also I love the energy you put into everything you do. Been a fan of your parapara videos since I danced myself.
Amateur indie eurobeat producer. Check out my music here! https://soundcloud.com/super-nova-473010963

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Re: Disco NRG Sound System - The Miracle Night - Saishin Set

Post by Densetsu13 » 14 Apr 2020, 15:56

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback on various platforms and that you've been following my parapara and Eurobeat endeavours!

I'm familiar with your work too. I'm glad you've been uploading refilms recently. :)

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