Disco NRG Sound System - For The Love Of Eurobeat Vol. 2 (My Road to SEB 200)

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Disco NRG Sound System - For The Love Of Eurobeat Vol. 2 (My Road to SEB 200)

Post by Densetsu13 » 25 Apr 2020, 16:56

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Dima Medley Section
1. David Kane – Speed King (Disco NRG Edit)
2. Dave McLoud – Go! Get Ready! (Disco NRG Edit)
3. Krystal feat. David Dima – 1 Week (Disco NRG Multi-SEB Edit)
4. Leo River – Runaway
5. Eurogrooves – Euronight
6. MAXIMUM-Z - 射手座☆午後九時 Don't be late
7. Gipsy Baby – What A Wonderful Day
8. Mickey B. – A Never Ending Night (Megabeat Edit)
9. Miwa – Eternal Story

Romantic Aishu Medley Section
10. Helena – Melodies of Love 2007 (DJ Gun Re-Edit)
11. Go 2 – Purple Emotion
12. Lucya feat. Ace – Sweet & Tender Lies
13. Lolita – Hurry Up Hurry Up
14. Ciao Ciao – Bang Bang Crashing of The Boom Boom
15. Gold-Rake – Hurricane Man
16. The Snake – Queen Of Mean

Speedy Medley Section
17. Dave Simon – Speed Man
18. Ace – Don’t Go
19. Yui – Over The Future (Extended Play)
20. Scream Team – Kooky Spooky (DJ Gun Remix)
21. Tam Arrow – Searching For The Hero In The Night (Disco NRG Edit)

Pop Medley Section
22. Miky MC - Because You Live (Extended Play)
23. Lisa – Heaven Is A Place On Earth
24. Veronica – Mamma Mia
25. Georgia Barrows – Another Night Of Fantasy
26. Sonic Ray – Catch Fire
27. Miyabi – 甲賀忍法帖(Alternate Synth Version + Original Version)

King & Queen Section
28. Tora – King & Queen (Classic Mix)
29. Maximum Power – T-RREX
30. Dave Rodgers feat. Alex de Rosso – Burning Like Fire
31. Jungle Bill – Shake Me Up
===>32. Go 2 – Hot Vampire vs. Go Go Girls – Hot Vampire (New Generation Remix)<=== Mashup Track! :thumbsup:
33. Go 2 – Looka Bomba (New Generation Remix) vs. Go Go Girls – Looka Bomba
34. Leslie Parrish – Paraboy
35. Alexis – Passion (Disco NRG Edit)
36. Christine & Irene - Easy Come & Easy Go

37. Roppongi Street Megamix (Mixed by DJ さとみ)
a. mioco – Sousei no Aquarion (Plum Mix)
b. FCF - Hey Mamma Hey
c. Mike Snap - Jumpin the Fire
d. The Zippers - Go Speed Racer Go (Hyper Mix)
e. Lisa Versach - Electric Love
BONUS ENCORE TRACK : David Dima – Save A Prayer

BPM Range: 155-167 (not in order)
Created: March 2020

SCP: 9
Time/Eurogrooves: 7
Hi-NRG Attack: 4
Akyr: 3
Dima Music: 3
GoGo’s Music: 3
A-Beat-C: 3
Plum: 2
Akiba Koubou: 2
Blast!: 2
Ventura Music: 1
SinclaireStyle: 1
Delta: 1




A mix representing a very important stage and the peak of my parapara and Eurobeat experience.

Towards the end of 2008 there was a lot of hype that avex would do something special for the release of Super Eurobeat vol. 200. Considering the release schedule of the Super Eurobeat series at the time, one could assume that avex would gave released SEB 200 in August of 2009. As such, multiple of us in the International parapara community decided to coordinate and all meet up in Tokyo in August 2009. Unfortunately, the joke was on us as SEB 200 didn’t get released until months later but it was still an amazing memorable experience as the 4th boom of parapara was at its height.

On my end, following the lead of the SEB series that was calling the releases of the 190s decade of SEB as “The Road to SEB 200”, I did multiple parapara videos usually following the theme of the SEB of that month. Not only did I touch upon Eurobeat and parapara from those SEB volumes but I also explored Eurobeat and parapara outside of SEB but as well as other eras, explaining why I still considered it a Road to SEB 200 despite it including non-SEB tracks. It is my own personal road and the videos from that project can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrdI...Bg9q7xmVutg11oq

Using only songs from my own Road to SEB 200 project, this mix is an ode to that era, everyone that was a part of this experience and all the Memories of One Summer. ♥

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.

Some details regarding this mix:

• Hands down, this mix represents my most ambitious mixing and editing to date. I did my best to join the two styles of traditional mixing and the Japanese style often found on nonstop Eurobeat CDs. The vast majority of tracks follow a traditional formula for mixing using beat matching, breakdowns, queueing of tracks, volume adjustments, cuts, etc. all the while ALSO using the Japanese quick intense editing for transitions to “raise tension”. Best of Both Worlds if you will! ;) I also edit the composition and order of tracks to optimize mixing and make sure the right breakdowns I need for transitions are in the right places. All the edits I made for this mix are available upon request.

• Receiving feedback from previous mixes, it became apparent that paralists prefer that the songs in a mix go one time through (intro (synth) to a-melo(first verse) to b-melo (bridge) to sabi (chorus) back to intro(synth)) before going to the next song as is tradition in the parapara club scene. Meanwhile, the Eurobeaters tend to like that the songs go through multiple times. I tried to find a sweet spot between the two preferences. Also the transitions between songs allow for breaks for those dancing as it’s a long mix!

Further notes on mix found HERE

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