Deshima Sounds and Atomic Pixel Party Present Paradise -online- (Densetsu13 Set)

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Deshima Sounds and Atomic Pixel Party Present Paradise -online- (Densetsu13 Set)

Post by Densetsu13 » 28 May 2020, 18:59

Deshima Sounds and Atomic Pixel Party Present Paradise -online- (Densetsu13 Set)

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Parapara Side
01. John Desire – Hot Limit
02. Judy Crystal – God of Romance
03. John Desire – Come On Feel The Ecstasy (Disco NRG 2 Sabi Edit)
04. Sheila & Cindy Cooper – Touch Me (Disco NRG Edit)
05. Milena Farrow – Tokyo Yo Yo
06. David Road – Xpress Your Love
07. Ace Warrior – Fame (Megabeat Re-Edit)
08. Dave Rodgers – Wheels Of Fire
09. Dusty – Fire And The Rain
10. Niko – Pilot Is The Hero (Megabeat Edit)
11. Mark Astley – Iron Man
12. Chris Stanton – Saturday Time
13. Laurie – Hey Guy (Disco NRG Edit)
14. Paul Dickenson – Time For A Miracle (DJ Gun Remix)
15. Honey Hime – We Wanna Have It All
16. Tipsy & Tipsy - A Sign (Factory Eurobeat Team Mix)
17. Rick Castle – Jasmine
18. David Dima – SOS (Disco NRG Edit)
19. Eurobeat Union - Gold Night (Megabeat Edit Extended Play)

Techpara Side
20. Metric – Most Extreme Sick Muse (Magic Hammer Remix)
21. Angelica – One Night Only (The Factory Team Eurobeat Remix)
22. E-Rotic – Oh La La La
23. Eile Monty ft. J-Mi & Midi-D - Beep Beep I’m a Sheep (90s Version)
24. Ryu☆feat.Moimoi – OOO
25. Jennier Lopez – On The Floor (Poison Beat Remix II)
26. Wienna – Looking For Love (The Factory Team 2000 Mix)
27. Anne-Marie – 2002 (TRP Remix)
28. Dalindah – Guru Light (FK Tokyo Remix)
29. Libertad – Aurora (Francisco Gaitán Remix)
30. Hip Hype – Hip Hype
31. Hip Hype – Brew Time (7✩ Edit)
32. HRM – Magical Rave Hyper
33. Cypher – You Guys
34. Sstack – Freak Out
35. Y&Co. feat. 大山愛未 - No Limit 2 dAnce
36. t+pazolite - QWLA (Cranky Remix)
37. HiTECH NINJA – Blah!!

BPM Range: Parapara Side @ 162BPM to 165BPM, Techpara Side 135 BPM to 165 BPM

Created: April 2020

SCP: 6
SinclaireStyle: 4
Vibration: 4
A-Beat-C: 2
Delta: 2
Hi-NRG Attack: 1
Time: 1
Dima Music: 1
Eurobeat Union: 1
Miscellaneous: 11

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A mix made for Deshima Sounds and Atomic Pixel Party’s event Paradise -Online- , an online streaming event in May 2020 featuring Eurobeat and Hyper Techno DJs and artists from around the world.

I was honoured to be asked to provide a set for this event, especially considering some world reknown talent were also in the line up! Knowing that my set would get a lot of exposure, I did my best to provide variety in my mix going from Eurobeat, to Eurodance, to Hyper Techno with a dash of J-Hardcore.

- Initially I wanted to do a Happy Paradise themed section in the beginning, but that slowly morphed into Vibration/9LoveJ section upon listening to DJ Konamix’s (DJ 573x) 9LoveJ mix and hearing John Desire - Can You Feel The Ecstacy inspired me. For this mix I made an edit that features the full chorus, as the regular extended version of the song doesn’t include the complete chorus in the first run through of the track and therefore the sabi for the parapara routine doesn’t use it. As such, in addition to making an edit that would have the full chorus, I also choreographed that section originally lacking choreography for it in the original 9LoveJ routine. You can check out DJ Konamix’s 9LoveJ Collection here:

- The next section transitions into an Initial D section using some of the previously unreleased SCP tracks that have gotten some popularity due to the parapara event Eurobeat Stadium in Japan giving those track air time by giving them routines and Initial D Dream Collection 2 including Xpress Your Love. Check out Eurobeat Stadium’s Youtube channel here for all their parapara routines:

- What was supposed to be a Gazen section just ended up being a 4th boom section before transitioning to saishin.

- Fun fact: Rick Castle – Jasmine was choreographed by Jasmine and T-RREX for Jasmine’s Eurofika parapara event.

- To transition to the Techpara Side, I used a couple of Eurobeat songs that, for whatever weird reason, got official (SEF) techpara routines as opposed to parapara ones.

- I was really worried about how 2002 (TRP Remix) would mix because the original BPM is significantly slower than everything else in the mix clocking in at 123 BPM. Fortunately, it sounds good at 135 BPM and surprisingly mixed well into a Hyper Techno track that is vastly different in style. XD

- Since You Guys and Freak Out both use the same Ennio Zanini shouting samples, it only made sense to mix them together, seamlessly so.

- No Limit 2 dAnce is a great track musically, but that production is really lacking in the mid and bass sections. It sounds so empty that it is extremely noticeable when QWLA (Cranky Remix) comes roaring in, despite my best efforts manipulating the volumes there. ^^;

- Blah!! = MVP ♥

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