Disco NRG Sound System - SUPER EURO HEAT Vol. 12 (Part I - Mixed by ZYX & Densetsu13)

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Disco NRG Sound System - SUPER EURO HEAT Vol. 12 (Part I - Mixed by ZYX & Densetsu13)

Post by Densetsu13 » 04 Jun 2020, 16:15

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Techpara Side I
01. Cappella – Turn It Up And Down (Mars Plastic Mix)
02. trf - 寒い夜だから... (Euro House Mix)
03. Anticappella – I Want Your Love (Mars Plastic Mix)
04. Cappella – I Need Your Love (Eurobeat Mix)
05. Anticappella – Express Your Freedom (KM (1972 Mix)
06. Cappella – U & Me (B4 ZA Beat Remix)
07. DJ Zorro – Vamos
08. DJ Zorro – Vamos A Baila (Mission “B” Re-Edit)
09. DJ Zorro – El Diablo
10. Channel X – Take It To The Top

Parapara Side
11. Leslie Parrish – Dedicated To You
12. Time Force – C’Mon & Move On Up
13. Nuage – Megamix
a. Nuage – Sunday
b. Nuage – Baby Get My Fire Tonite
c. Nuage – It’s Holiday
d. Nuage – Don’t Wanna Lose You Baby
e. Nuage – I Just Want To Keep You Hangin’ On
14. Nuage – I Just Want To Keep You Hangin’ On
15. Nuage – Don’t Wanna Lose You Baby
16. Nuage – Sunday
17. Nuage – Baby Get My Fire Tonite
18. Nuage – It’s Holiday
19. Symbol – You Shot Me Down
20. J. Storm – We Are The Children Of Rock
21. Dusty – The Fire And The Rain
22. King & Queen – Fly Into The Moonlight
23. Jackie ‘O – X-Man Story
24. DJ Leone Feat. Priscilla - Super DJ
25. Sarah – Daddy Boy
26. Sarah – With My Fire
27. Energy Girls – Mata Hari
28. Elisa – Flash
29. Little Barby – Joo Joo
30. Judy Crystal – Nori Nori Nori

Techpara Side II
31. Cypher – B Gone
32. Violet feat. Mr. Fang – People Geda Hype
33. Vamps – Midnight
34. Dark Evil feat. Tanith – Heaven or Hell (DJ Teru Edit)
35. Dark Evil feat. Tanith – Shoot ‘Em Up
36. Water Queen – Rocket Man
37. Black List feat. Juicy - Superman (Mission "B" Re-Edit)
38. In2 – Get Up!
39. Gold Tiara – Princess Fairy
40. Devirginizer – Red Desire

BPM Range: ? (Original mix file no longer available, however the average clocks in at 158 BPM)

Created: December 2012

A-Beat-C: 7
SCP: 5
SinclaireStyle: 4
Vibration: 4
Sound & Vision: 4
Time: 2
Delta: 1
Dima Music: 1
Miscellaneous: 7

Find ZYX on Twitter @zyxwithzexy

Find Densetsu13 on Twitter @Densetsu13


Find Disco NRG on Twitter @disconrg

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and on Discord



A mix that I helped Jim (ZYX) with for his parapara/techpara event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA called SUPER EURO HEAT (SEH).

I went to visit Jim for New Year’s Eve and Dom (D~tan) was going to be present as well, so he took advantage of having non-local paralists to host an SEH event while we were in town to party with the local regulars! It was also during this period that the King Medley and SEH Vol. 2 were filmed.

All Eurobeat sections were mixed by Jim alone. He was running a bit behind schedule, so while he took care of other things for the event, I took care of mixing the techpara sections for the most part with some parts being mixed by both of us together! Considering we were on a tight time crunch, this mix contains some of the fastest mixing that I have ever done and it shows in some places lol! We apologize for the low quality of sound in certain parts of the mix.

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.

- Considering the majority of events prioritize parapara over techpara, we decided we wanted to switch things up by having the night start with techpara instead.

- A lot of the track selection was based off of SEH favourites and songs popular with D~tan and myself as we were special guests. As I was a guest, I wasn’t allowed to know anything about the parapara sections so there could be surprises for me during the event. 

- This first section was initially conceived as a Cappella vs. Anticappella section, but for some reason 寒い夜だから... (Euro House Mix) is jammed in as the second track *looks at Jim*. 8D

- I find it very amusing that the commonly used version of Cappella’s I Need Your Love for techpara is called the “Eurobeat Mix”. Probably purely coincidence as this remix has nothing to do with eurobeat.

- This first parapara section is essentially a 3.5 Boom mix with some exceptions, going from SEB tracks to VIP Mega Euro Star.

- Tracks not having the a and b melos sometimes was not intentional! This is what happens when you don’t review your work before release lol!

- This mix closes out with some later WLTP kei.

Thank you for listening and please enjoy! ^-^v

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