Eurobeat Criticisms?

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Eurobeat Criticisms?

Post by Sadie » 15 Jun 2005, 18:12

Yeah, I was just wondering if people any of you know mock (or) make fun of eurobeat music. Such as make dumb cracks at it.

My dad was driving me to school, and for the first time I burnt a CD with eurobeat music on it, so I was listening to it with the car's CD player. When Dave Rodger's Deja Vu [New Generation Remix] came on, about half way through my dad turned it down and said "I hate to break it to you, but whoever sings and writes this is on drugs!"

Anything like that happened to you?
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Post by K' » 16 Jun 2005, 02:18

Usually I get the...
"Dude, that is soooo gay!"

or the infamous
"Dude, grow up. Stop listening to DDR music."
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Post by aXu » 16 Jun 2005, 02:37

I usually get "so is this the japanse shit" or "ti-du-di-du laalaa japanese shit *laugh*" :D

But most of my friends actually like eurobeat, only few dislikes it.
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Post by Ricfiam » 16 Jun 2005, 07:13

My collegues said:
'would you stop this fitness-music?'
...I remember that time...

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Post by Nine » 17 Jun 2005, 01:02

I use to bug an old friend of mine with Lolita - Romeo & Juliet, because she said it sounded like a 12 year old on crack. XDDD That's the best eurobeat critism I've ever heard before. XDDDD

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Post by gs68 » 17 Jun 2005, 02:46

I've given some friends of mine a listen to Eurobeat. They keep calling it "techno." Ah, the ignorance.

I also had a female friend of mine's listen to Cherry - Euroheat, which she at first thought was sung by Britney Spears.

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Post by drnrg » 19 Jun 2005, 18:11

8) I actually had an ex girlfriend who liked it. She even helped me figure out the lyrics to the old Eurobeat of the 90's. :) back when only appeared on 12's. Lable by lable this is what I usually hear. Best to worst.
1. TIME. Sounds like 80's Aerobics music. She sounds like an opera singer doing pop.
2. Vibration/SCP. Can you actually understand this too speedy music. Why do you play it so fast.
3. Delta. At least it's good driving music. You'll never hear it on the radio. (Clara)She has an awesome voice. D-Essex) Is that a Girl? Jean Love(is that the guy from DEad Or Alive?
4. AbeatC Everysong sounds the same.(Dave Rodgers) That guy ruins a good song. His Voice sucks. Is that a KISS Cover? Why is she singing In Chinese(how Ignorant).
5. HRG Attack. What the hell is that. They sound wrarped. (Franz Tornado) That guy is too old to be making this music.Is that what they listen to in Russia?
6. BBBeat. That crap is too fast. You can't understand a thing they say. Are those kids? YOU'RE GONNA CRASH!!!

Again these are only some negative remarks I hear. On the other hand I do get a lot of positive input as well. :D

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Post by Toni » 21 Jun 2005, 22:01

Hmm, my girlfriend likes eurobeat a lot *I'm so friggin' lucky!* :twisted: Some of my friends don't find it very offensive, but others always try to beat me up if I turn it on... I always turn it up after they threaten me :mrgreen:
Some of the reactions I've heard:
-"Is that Japanese techno?"
-"So that's how modern Italodisco sounds like... How horrid..."
"No that IS Italodisco! You twit! This is eurobeat!"
"Agh! Turn that sh*t off!"
-"It so damn fast! You are an insane man!"
etc. etc.
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Post by Khaki_29uk » 22 Jun 2005, 19:16

"This is sh*t!"

Naaa if I'm honest most of my mates actually like it (or they wouldn't be my mates) ^^"

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Post by hollypolly » 22 Jun 2005, 19:48

A lot of my friends does not believe that this music comes from our country.. They think is something made in the far east...
It's funny... because it's made in Italy expecially for the far east market..
In addition they don't understand how to dance this music (too fast!!!)..

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Post by Timmy » 29 Jun 2005, 03:56

...americans... ... ..

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Post by aXu » 29 Jun 2005, 11:57

So? What's so bad about americans?
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Post by Sadie » 29 Jun 2005, 17:53

Yeah, I was wondering that too. What was the comment about Americans supposed to meen?
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Post by Rave Dodgers » 10 Aug 2005, 11:34

I don't think it's too late to bring this topic up. Eurobeat deserves criticism.

- Due to the low number of producers, many songs sound the same. In fact, it almost sounds at times as though they designed a melody, rhythm, or some other stylevariation and produced several nearly identical songs at the same time...

- Baby, fire, tonight. Baby. You can't really criticize that anymore, it's just funny.

- In the past, "Dave Rodgers" is a schlock rocker. I think technically the music is very good, but the lyrics needed work. Lately he has improved tremendously (Car of Your Dreams, Sunshine...) but in the past there were some word choices that made otherwise great songs sound very derivative and old cliche, at least to American ears.

- The simplicity. Stretching out some of these songs to 4 minutes is clearly a difficulty.

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