Whose English pronunciation is good or bad?

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Post by Nine » 17 Aug 2005, 08:51

Domino has a good accent singing, especially in her latest stuff... a lot of her old old first Domino tracks are funny to listen to though. Like, Behind You pops in my mind...

"dere" as "there"
"trouboul" as "trouble"

She also has the habit of signing the lyrics in a way where it seems like she's saying one whole word when she's really saying a few short ones.

Oh yes, "Laberint" as "Labyrinth" in Feel My Heart is funny too. hehe

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Post by Shawaazu » 17 Aug 2005, 09:27

For me, I try not to judge the song by their pronounciation or anything, however one pronounciation problem I do remember is how some singers pronounce "world" as "word", it's a little funny :lol:

I think in Di Marcantonio's case, he just sings too fast sometimes it sounds like gibberish or very inaudible words.

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Post by Rave Dodgers » 17 Aug 2005, 10:21

Timmy wrote:"Gonna get you... like a space boy"... what makes it a mistake?
To clear this up, this is very subjective mistake. It isn't technically a mistake, it just sounds wrong to me and quite a few other people I know. I think it was the attract music in an Initial D (1st arcade stage?) game and a lot of people were exposed to it there first.

Anyway, I will do my best to explain it, though it probably won't make sense.


"gonna get you"


"like a space boy"

(say what???)

First of all, I have no concept of what a "space boy" this man is singing about, is. It sounds very unusual. Is he going to get someone "like he gets a spaceboy?" or "like a spaceboy would get someone"? Either way, it isn't clear. Most people I know interpret it as sort of gay sounding (not stupid, but homo!) It's one of those things that just doesn't come across right.

Eurobeat songs often have some unclear or downright puzzling lyrics, and that's fine. Sometimes they just sound wrong (to certain native english speakers), though. And that's what I was getting at.

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Post by Sadie » 17 Aug 2005, 16:33

I have a friend who adores Space Boy! It was the first song I had her listen too. Her opinion exactly though, it doesn't sound "right". I, myself, don't see what's wrong with it; it's just another Eurobeat song with pointless lyrics to me.

haha.... I must elaborate on some lyrics....

Make me wanna, go to my ladida
Make me wanna, go to my man eater!
- Supertonic Lady, Mega NRG Man

The first line's what I got when I first heard it.... I was like "Is he speaking gibberish....? Or what.... It's so CUTE!!!!"
(yes, that was my first reaction)

For Davide Di Marcantonio, I agree with Shawaazu; he simply speaks/sings too fast. He also needs to work on ennunciation (as almost all Eurobeat artists do).
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Post by Mikaeru » 17 Aug 2005, 20:34

Sadie wrote:For Davide Di Marcantonio, I agree with Shawaazu; he simply speaks/sings too fast. He also needs to work on ennunciation (as almost all Eurobeat artists do).
Yeah, I slowed down Habegale - Music once (to lower the pitch), and it was definately Di Marcantonio, but his pronounciation was almost perfect. So it might be he's singing too quickly for a lot of Vibration songs, which are quite fast of themselves.

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Post by parafan22 » 18 Aug 2005, 14:39

I was just listing to mirkas valention mon amour,And when it starts out with her talking she has some accent in it,something in the lyric says "theres only one way to "touch" the heaven..LOL she says "tud de heavin" its so funny but that song rocks though :D

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Post by Khaki_29uk » 19 Aug 2005, 15:17

Clara Moroni [Leslie Parrish...] and Davide Burdriesi [Kevin Johnson] probably have the best English pronounciation. Maurizio di Jorio [D. Essex...], Elena Ferretti [Helena...] and Tomas Martin [Mega NRG Man] aren't bad either. But I agree with what drnrg said earlier about it being a case of the wording rather than pronounciation too.

As for some of the worst - Alessandra Gatti [Domino] and Christian Codenotti [Ace].
Rave Dodgers wrote:...or intended for a native English audience. To be "mainstream", they would need to be thoroughly reworked. As far as I know, nobody wants that to happen. Would it really be eurobeat, then?

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Post by Rave Dodgers » 24 Aug 2005, 04:31

Tomas Martin does kick ass.

Another funny "misheard" due to pronunciation one is, I think volume 158. First time I heard Fastway, King-O-Beat, I swore he was singing:

"King of king of beat,
they're dancing in the street,
so let's freak out together!"

I bought before release and had not looked at any lyrics.

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Post by hollypolly » 24 Aug 2005, 16:55

Sometimes italian mother tongue singers speak english with the accent of
their town.. For example Domino sometimes sings with her Mantova accent.. It is the accent you hear during interviews for example..... I think that due to the fact that eurobeat is an international product, the producers have to listen carefully to the singers when they sing and they record ...
I think that first of all the producers must speak english perfectly.. otherwise the product (the song) is the first to be affected from their lack of knowledge.. What do you think??

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