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Lyric Requests/Corrections (10th of January, 2012) UPDATED*

Posted: 01 Jul 2004, 11:25
by Bore
View the last post for the lyric database situation~

Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 12:33
by Bore
** Updated **

Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 12:50
by Shawaazu
I'm pretty sure I sent Memories and Blade Runner weeks ago. I can give you Don't You Love Me and The Power Of Gasline.

Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 13:13
by Bore
ah, I haven't checked the list myself at all, so there might be old entries in there... I'll just remove blade runner and memories then, coz I do remember adding them.

Posted: 10 Sep 2004, 01:56
by Chico Chico
Ok, it's time I did my part again and get my lyrical butt in gear. Let me see which ones are in the database already and I'll try to type up the remainders.

Posted: 10 Sep 2004, 05:02
by Shawaazu
Just so you know I sent Make Up Your Mind as well.

Posted: 12 Sep 2004, 00:05
by Bore
Another Update... this time again the list might have some songs I have, I'll check on these in a bit. Though most of these songs are hard to come by... or too old for my collection :(

Posted: 12 Sep 2004, 00:10
by Shawaazu
I got Du Du Da Da and Higher & Higher. I think that's all from my collection.

Posted: 13 Sep 2004, 01:06
by Chico Chico
I'll work on "Hero"and "Dum Dum Pistol" :)

Posted: 13 Sep 2004, 02:42
by riikou
I typed up "Love Generation" and "Saving the World" a while ago, want me to send them? ^^

Posted: 13 Sep 2004, 05:57
by Bore
yay, thanks again for anybody who helped with the lyrics. I'll get a few of these in a bit as I'll get a load of eurobeat flashes. And also I don't mind if you send in lyrics that haven't been requested :D

Posted: 13 Sep 2004, 16:56
by Chico Chico
I'm still working on the "That's Eurobeat Almanac" Lyrics... It's a pretty big book, so I'll continue those even though, I'm sure they really aren't requested... :)

Posted: 13 Sep 2004, 23:17
by Bore
Another update... somebody requested for Dee Dee Wonder's Mayday... so I added it to the thread, and the moment I updated I realized I had the lyrics myself... so updated them. Oh and by the way, Mayday has probably one of the strangest lyrics ever... lots of bad grammar, check it out yourself here. A great song, but bad bad grammar.

Posted: 14 Sep 2004, 01:08
by Chico Chico
Bore wrote: A great song, but bad bad grammar.
Definatly not a song that an English Teacher would approve of... :idea:

Posted: 17 Sep 2004, 04:09
by Chico Chico
Ok I posted the lyrics for Joe Banana - Dum Dum Pistol and some lyrics from the "That's Eurobeat Almanac"... I shall continue! :D

EDIT: Also posted Aleph - Hero