Female or Male vocals? what do you preffer?

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Female or Male vocals? what do you preffer?

Post by Pol NRG » 13 Sep 2005, 23:11

Hello everybody,

Of course! ...I preffer female vocals in Eurobeat, ...it's obvious :D
but, what do you preffer?

Thanks in advanced,
Pol NRG (Clara Fan) :wink:
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Post by oresama-chan » 14 Sep 2005, 00:42

Ciao Pol,

No doubt I looove Clara's vocals before everything for one, but generally speaking I think it depends on the songs to be sung. I could hardly imagine that she's doing main vocals on such aggressive energy tunes as Night Of Fire, Tsunami Comes, Fire On The Moon (sorry, too old lol) and what not. :lol:

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Post by Sadie » 14 Sep 2005, 02:15

I prefer male vocalists!

I like the way male vocalists sound; there's a certain toan in their voices when they sing that's not there with female vocalists! I also feel more emotion in the songs that male vocalists sing! To me, you can't beat Tomas Marin (#1), Gincarlo Pasquini, Gino Caria, Maurizio De Jorio, and Ennio Zanini! Fernando Bonini, Christian Condentti, Valeo Simone, Gianni Corraini and Giacomo Caria are also good! I just like male vocalists better; they're music's catchy, generally more entertaining (fun), clever and their voices are full of more emotion! Male vocalists are a LOT better in my eyes (opinion)!

This isn't to say I don't like female vocalists; there's just not much by them I like.
I just enjoy male vocalist's music a LOT more! I have far more by male vocalists!
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Post by taQ » 14 Sep 2005, 02:58

on a random note: I feel there are too many random female vocals that disapeared (Hi-NRG Attack has had waaay to many different female vocalists over the years), while most of the males are still around.

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Post by oresama-chan » 14 Sep 2005, 03:06

Anyways my favorite male vocalists are Gambogi, Budriesi, De Jorio, Bonini, Gino Caria, Luigi Vincini and Matteo Setti.
Bold face just means the names omitted by Sadie.

I wish I could listen to any songs on wich Gambogi does lead vocals with back vocals by Clara, though I know it would be unrealizable.

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Post by Mikaeru » 14 Sep 2005, 04:21

Personally, the *best* eurobeat vocalists are female. What a shame there's a relatively small number of them. Elena F., Christine, Pamsy, Alessandra... (nothing against the Clara love, but there's not actually anything by her I really love) I mean, if I take a list of my top 10, or even top 20 songs, almost all of them will be sung by a female, and generally only a small handful. But it's probably a sign that the genre of eurobeat I prefer is the happy, para style, which of course is dominated by the female singers.

It always takes me a while to warm up to any male-sung songs, mostly because I don't find them as catchy and drawing as the female ones. Although I do admit that the "average" male singer will kick the butt of any female "average" singer, if that makes any sense.

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Post by Bore » 14 Sep 2005, 05:31

I have a definite preference on the female eurobeat vocalists, if you've ever read any of my reviews you might've noticed I adore Elena Gobbi above anything else. Her career from the early days of eurobeat to the present holds such a huge range of awesome songs that I just have to go for her. The awesome Giorgia Morandi song Jump For Joy from 1989 is a good example of how great she sounded all the way back then, and now we still hear her screaming her heart out in the Virginelle/Lolita songs time after time, just gotta love her.
Also what I enjoyed thorougly during the eurobeat history are the duets that many vocalists have done such as Elena F./Clara, Alessandra/Elena G. and all the awesome A-Beat C girl combinations.

Not to put any of the men down, but I always tend to enjoy male vocals less than female ones, but there is a huge range of great men out there as well. But what Mikaeru said just before me, is something I totally agree on. I also tend to warm up to the men way slower than to the girls, but in the end the male vocalists might have a bigger effect.
And ye, happy + bouncy eurobeat = the win in my books. Also probably why the female vocalists over all are my preference.

My favorites are always changing, but if I had to name 10 of the songs that I love the most currently it'd be an all female chart for sure. And well to a slight surprise the list is pretty much Clara dominated (not to say I wouldn't love her, but I never considered her as my favorite as opposed to the A-Beat C gals I tend to enjoy even more than the lovely Clara).

Delta Queens - My Bandido
Lisa Johnson - Fooling With Your Heart
Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
Virginelle - Let Me Go
Norma Sheffield - Spring Time
Juliet - Speak In English
Cherry - When I Close My Eyes
Roxanne - Super Sex Symbol
Virginelle - Love, Sex & Money
Vanessa - Dancing In The Dark

Also as an agreement to taQ's post, it's so true that many of the awesome female vocalists have just vanished from the business unfortunately. I still miss Emmanuelle Gubinelli more than any other vocalist that's gone missing. Come back Ika!

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Post by drnrg » 14 Sep 2005, 09:13

8) male vocals all the way. Ever since Pete Burns(Dead Or Alive) crooned "You Spin Me Round.." back in 1985. Gino Caria was my fav of all time. The passion in his words was incomparable. Fernando Bonnini(Mike Hammer, Mako) has a very cool voice to. Every word oozes out SEX to his female fans. Gambogi and Clerici are also deep passionate voices. As for groovy.. I would have to say Mauro Farina and Federico Rimonti and rounding of the top are Dimarcantonio, because he pulled of Robert Patton, Dr. Money and Chester songs like noone since Gino Caria, though I wish I knew who the new Robert Patton was. I would include him. I havn't forgot Dave.. His vocals for me only work at slower BPMs. Think Chester's "Right Time" or Robert Stones "Burning Heart" and ALEHP; of course.

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Post by Rave Dodgers » 14 Sep 2005, 09:30

Except for "one or two" that consistently miss for me, I think most of the ladies are pretty amazing, talent-wise.

Sure, the males are also great. Eurobeat has more interesting male vocals than most popular music.

My only complaint against eurobeat is that with SEB some of the vocals get trashed by Avex Trax in their megamixes. The regular numbered versions (ending in 1 through 9) usually sound best.

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Post by aXu » 14 Sep 2005, 09:50

Men, all of them.. thou there are awesome females too, like Denise De Vincenzo, Clara Moroni, Francesco Contini for example
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Post by Jion » 14 Sep 2005, 11:21

I'm in the middle actually. I love male vocals but the ladies get the job done as well. My favorite artists have to be Roberto Tiranti, Ennio Zanini, Christian Codennoti, Fernando Bonini, Gino Caria, Denise Di Vincenzo, Clara Moroni, Karen Wainwright, Michaela Cappuro, Davide Di Marcantonio, Mauro Farina, Gianni Corriani... This list could go on and on. I like em all! ^_^
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Post by Ricfiam » 14 Sep 2005, 15:44

there are few female good, but the "original" voice for Eurobeat is
by a male for me.
...I remember that time...

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Post by michaelz » 14 Sep 2005, 21:15

me2!! eurobeat IS male dominant "D

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Post by Nine » 14 Sep 2005, 21:24

Female 110%!!!

I think I don't have to explain who my favorite female singer is :P I just find the voice fits the style better than it does with male singers. Don't get me wrong, I like male sung Eurobeat, especially Matt Land and Manuel, but my true love for Eurobeat has to go out to the ladies. =)

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Post by Sadie » 16 Sep 2005, 15:48

drnrg wrote:Fernando Bonnini(Mike Hammer, Mako) has a very cool voice to. Every word oozes out SEX to his female fans.
As a girl, I can say (from my perspective), that's completely true; his vocals (tone) and the lyrics all make that pretty clear. It's a bit odd.

I forgot Davide Di Marcantonio in my original post! He's great too!
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