Female or Male vocals? what do you preffer?

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Post by Khaki_29uk » 16 Sep 2005, 15:49

Boys and Girls! :P

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Post by jp75 » 18 Sep 2005, 01:44

Davide di Marcantonio is my favorite!

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Post by oresama-chan » 21 Sep 2005, 08:12

drnrg wrote:Gambogi and Clerici are also deep passionate voices.
Hey drnrg, you mean Simone Valeo? cuz Clerici doesn't seem to have done any vocals so far. :?:

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Re: Female or Male vocals? what do you preffer?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 15 Jul 2019, 12:19

Honestly it doesn't matter for me, if female or male vocals, I love both.

Of course, it depends on the song itself. I think, that should be clear. I prefer male vocals, if the songs has cool and strong beats, with the good mix of hype & power. If it comes to happy, crazy songs, then female vocals are the best. So for me, it should be both. But like I said, it depends entirely, what kind of Eurobeat-song it is.
Actually I even think, that the Eurobeat-vocalist sound much better than others, who just sing normal Mainstream-shit. I always noticed it. Could it be, than Eurobeat-vocalist had a better education than others? I always had that feeling. I mean, they sound so professional, unlike normal singers. Maybe I'm wrong, but the thought never let me go. You hear that specially from the female vocalist, they sound so beautiful, sometimes even sexy, lol, I always get this amazing feeling, if I hear them (don't get me wrong, it's NOT sexual feelings, if you thought that. :grin: ), but when I hear some female singers in normal songs, then... oh, man, I don't know, what to say, sometimes it's horrible.
Ha, you see, one more reason to love Eurobeat! :)

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