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Romantic Eurobeat

Post by drnrg » 16 Apr 2006, 06:30

8) I know Eurobeat is defined by its power and speed, but those romantic songs you just gotta love. I want to know your top 10 romantic songs from every label. Romantic does mean pretty :x rather could also mean relaxed in bpms. ex:Ace "Power Of Sound" falls in catagory. Every week I post one. from any year is allowed.

Let's begine with TIME, because they make so many in that styl, I'll do two lists. Old School & New School.
1. Etenity- Vanessa
2. Just An Illusion- Helena
3. Turn Of The Light- Big Band/Feel The Groove- Maio & Co.
4. Right Time- Chester
5. What's Your Intention- Silver/Lady Bug- Silver
6. Magic & Joy- Pleasure & Pain
7. Love You Tonight- Phil & Stan
8. Celebrate- Dr. Money
9. It's Allright- Maltese
10. Matter Of Feeling- Rose

1. Dedicated To The Moon- Helena
2. Hold On To Love- Stylophones
3. A Song For You- Rose
4. Time- Vanessa
5. Take My Heart- Silver & Rose/World Of Fantasy- Silver & Rose
6. One Nite- Silver
7. Never Say Goodbye- Stylophones(I'm loving this song)
8. Forever Young- Symbol
9. Love's Theme- Alexis
10. Crazy For You- David R. Jones

As you can see Romantic does not mean "Mushy"

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Post by oresama-chan » 16 Apr 2006, 12:42

I dunno what exactly drnrg means by romantic and what's the difference between romantic and sentimental but anyways...

TIME Female

Jilly - Fly
Maggie May - Another Day
Morena - Open Your Heart
Mary Ann - Wonderful
Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan
Marianna - Lovely Day
Sophie - Treat Me Right
Sophie - Soft Time
Angie Davies - Isla Bonita
Victoria - I Was Born To Be Your Angel
Maggie May - Sunny Love


Mike Freeman - What Is Real
Tommy K. - You Need A Lover
Maltese - I Hate Mondays
David R. Jones - Lover's Island
David R. Jones - Closer To Your Heart
Danny Keith - Booby
Fellini - The Way To Heaven
Mike West - Pop Musik
Mike West - Move To The Grooving (Boom Baby)
Phil & Stan - Play The Game
Silver - On My Own
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Post by Nine » 16 Apr 2006, 12:58

I'm just going to list my top 10 favorite 'romantic songs' - no restriction of labels though. Hope that's okay ^^

In no real order:

1. Dave & Domino - Nothing's Gonna Change My World
2. Brian Ice - One Day
3. Brian Ice - I Believe In Lovin' You
4. Susan Bell & Brian Ice - Spread Your Wings
5. Norma Sheffield - Nothing Changed
6. Domino - Feel My Heart
7. Karen - Nothing's Gonna Take My Love From You
8. Leslie Parrish - Dedicated To You
9. Sophie - Same
10. King & Queen - Season (Loving Now)

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Post by para_rigby » 17 Apr 2006, 01:14

Yay. Some of the songs on my list are intense, but lyrically, I think they are romantic.

1. Special Love//Madison
2. Don't Clsoe Your Eyes//Dave and Domino
3. Posion of Love//Melissa White and Ace
4. Never Gonna Give You Up//Kevin Johnson
5. Yoo'll Be In My Heart//Dave Rodgers (yeah, I know it's a Disney song!)
6. Rock My Heart//Matt Land
7. On and On Again//Go Go Girls
8. Right Now//Go Go Girls (not romantic, but a good angst song)
9. What Is Real?//Mike Freeman
10. Anouther Day With You In Paradise//Monique

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Post by drnrg » 17 Apr 2006, 08:11

8)So far so good, but this week was for TIME. Next week will be ABeatC and SCP the next and so forth, but you all get the idea.

Oresama? On Fire- Sally Rendall? doesn't strike me as Sentimental. maybe you listen to it at slower speed. Ha Ha ! :D Still I dig that you listen to the Old Skool italo :D

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Post by Shawaazu » 17 Apr 2006, 09:49

Romantic Time songs... I'll put my top 10 not in order though.

Sophie - My World
Virgin - Heaven
Vanessa - Eternity
Mike Freeman - What Is Real
Morena - Open Your Heart
Tommy K. - You Need A Lover
Sophie - Soft Time
Silver - Lady Bug
Lou Grant - What Kind Of Cure
Stop & Go - Your Love

errrr I hope these are alright ^^;;

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Post by oresama-chan » 17 Apr 2006, 14:28

Ok, drnrg. I edited my previous post and add Silver - On My Own.

Shawaazu has good taste in classic eurobeat.

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Post by drnrg » 17 Apr 2006, 18:36

8) Ahh So TRU So TRu!! :)

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Post by Pol NRG » 17 Apr 2006, 20:03

Hi drnrg,

Nice topic! ..I'm a romantic Image
It's hard to say my TOP 10 but can't miss these ones...

01] Kevin Johnson - Don't Say Goodbye Delta
02] David R. Jones - More than a Dream Time
03] Big Band - Turn Off the Light Time
04] Vanessa - Breaking my Heart Time
05] Mc Brian - Loving You Forever High Energy
06] Dr. Love - Romance Asia
07] Dandy - Casanova Flea
08] Virgin - All Your Love Time
09] Leslie Parrish - Dedicated to You Delta
10] Norma Sheffield - (It's) for Your Eyes A-Beat C

Like Phil (no restriction of labels though) :D

Pol :wink:
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Post by Sadie » 17 Apr 2006, 21:44

I'm going with Pol and Phil on this one! All labels;

No order:
01. Casanova - In The Name Of Love
02. D-Essex - Victim Of Love
03. Go Go Girls - Nobody's Perfect
04. K.L. Jones - Ya Really Want To Hurt Me
05. Max Coveri - Like A Thunder
06. Mike Freeman - In My Dreams
07. Mike Freeman - What Is Real
08. Robert Patton - Looking 4 Love
09. Virgin - Kiss And Hold Me Tight
10. Wain L - Remember The Time
01. Mega NRG Man - Go The Distance
02. Mega NRG Man - Into The Night
03. Mike Skanner - What Is Love
04. Mr. Groove - Night & Day
05. Mr. Groove - Ready To Play

....Okay, so it's not the most romantic list ever. I'm sure there's other songs that aren't coming to mind immediatly too.
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Post by michaelz » 21 Apr 2006, 02:44

romantic?I enjoy romantic songs
atomic love - chemical boy
feeling of my heart- knick..
bye bye baby maio &co
sunshine baby milk coffee
doctor of love spencer
don't wanna loose you baby nuage
beautiful day deedee regina
what a lonely night ken L..
I never was a pretender lisa ferrari
with most romantic feature songs in eurobeat history are
the europanic series and TEB now/digibeat series..which are my fav.

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Romance Time

Post by beat freak » 21 Apr 2006, 15:38

My top ten romantic TIME songs:

1) Sophie - The Promise You Made
2) Gipsy & Queen - Love Is A Dreamland
3) Helena - Queen For A Day
4) Victoria - I Don't Wanna Let Go
5) Rose - I Never Fall in Love Again
6) Linda Ross - Loving Honey
7) Phil & Stan - Play The Game
8) David R. Jones - Lover's Island
9) Lou Grant - What Kind Of Cure
10) Danny Keith - Booby

This was the golden time period of Time Records. This was when Laurent was at his best. You could depend on EVERY release to be good. The record sleeves were nicely designed. There are a ton of other great songs too.

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