New Dima style original eurobeat track "Last Night"

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New Dima style original eurobeat track "Last Night"

Post by dalziel » 10 Apr 2016, 16:40

Hello everyone :)

I've been working hard on a new eurobeat track, similar to the style of David Dima / Dream Fighters. I'd really like you all to give it a listen:

I feel like I've done a good job on it overall, though the biggest weakness is the vocals. I cannot sing in a good eurobeat style, so I took the "easy way out" and used a vocoder. Vocals aside, I would really, genuinely appreciate some constructive feedback.


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Post by KoolKool » 11 Apr 2016, 06:17

it's good! did you use vocoder??

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Post by Gabriel C Media » 16 Apr 2016, 02:25

The composition sounded fun! :D. It was very airy, which I thought you were going for. A kind of mellow tune, which is a fun contrast from the happy or aggressive tracks you usually get from Eurobeat ^^.

As a whole, the levels aren't quite as loud as they should be. They're not far off actually, especially the Kick, but they're not quite what they need to be. I really encourage you to A/B your levels against other reference material, so you can see how the levels compared to a professional track. Getting the levels right is the most important thing you can do to a mix, so it pays to make sure you get that right! :)

I feel the track as a whole really doesn't have a lot of punch. Especially the brass :/. The brass is the star of a Eurobeat song, and there's lots you can do to fill it out. Layer it a few times with slight differences to each timbre, EQ/compress, and play around with effects! for example, I like to stereo-widen a lot, especially the lead riff for extra emphasis, and then modulate it off during the rest of the song :3.

The vocals...I really really encourage you to not use a vocoder! I honestly don't understand what you mean by not singing 'Eurobeat style'. I mean, okay, I get what you mean :p. But just because your voice might not have a Rock edge, or you're singing about cars and fire doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful voice that would stand out. Heck, it probably would stand out BECAUSE you're not singing in that style. Please try to take out the vocoder and sing without it, because It will sound so much better to hear your unique voice! :3.

Keep going! It was a fun track and you'll only get better and better! :D

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Post by Markos » 16 Apr 2016, 04:13

Yeah, I liked it except the vocoder :P instrumental better then vocoder imo. To me vocoder is like an effect used very very small phrases to be successful, like a word or two every blue moon if at all, in perspective think orchestra hit every 1/8th that would get old right?

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