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ParaPara Wikipedia page

Posted: 30 Apr 2014, 05:48
by Tiger
I've been updating it recently. I wonder if this thread could be a discussion about it / what should be done. It is one of the first websites that non-paralists go to to find out about ParaPara, so I think it is important.

Posted: 02 May 2014, 06:52
by Mindsweeper
Good, I think this is a very important thing to get done. I remember looking up the wikipedia page for para para when I first got didn't teach me a whole lot I didn't know already back then :P.

I've always wanted to spruce up the page a bit but I'm pretty bad at writing new content, though I am very good at cleaning up spelling, grammar and awkward wording, so I could do that.

Looking at the wiki page now, it's much better, but I'm worried that it will end up like the page for Eurobeat, with way too much in-depth info that is unneccesary .The "In popular culture" section is too long and not really needed, the only things in it that matter are SMAPxSMAP, which was already mentioned earlier in the article, and ParaParaParadise, which can be worked into the 3rd boom section.