Technobase.FM CD series

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Technobase.FM CD series

Post by Bonkers » 30 Nov 2019, 17:42

I came across this CD series from the ZYX Music label (which puts out a lot of Italo disco), and was surprised to see the label showcasing harder dance music. The series is mostly composed of the 'Hands Up'/Cheesy Hard Trance genre, but volumes 19-24 also feature some UK Hardcore towards the end of the mixes. Volume 23 also contains the new Chilly Mouse version of Joe Yellow's U.S.A. (Chillymouse - USA)



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Re: Technobase.FM CD series

Post by alpines » 15 Dec 2019, 10:57

I remember when the first few volumes came out haha
Btw, easterrave is just around the corner. they play a lot of stuff you'll find on there

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