Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band

Music that is not eurobeat!
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Post by Sadie » 30 Oct 2007, 16:29

dude, RATT is soooo much better than KISS!! heh :P
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Post by drnrg » 31 Oct 2007, 03:57

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Post by Jolt » 07 Dec 2007, 11:46

Megumi Hayashibara
Nanase Aikawa
The Misfits
Beastie Boys
Dark Nebula
Cannibal Corpse
Judas Priest
Bolt Thrower

and many more....

nachobeat yagami
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Post by nachobeat yagami » 13 Dec 2007, 20:21

I like the Japanese style as:
Nanase aikawa

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Post by para_rigby » 02 Dec 2008, 16:27

So many choices!
Fantastic Plastic Machine
Cherry Filter
Amy Winehouse
Benjamin Gate
Colin Hay


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Post by zoupzuop2 » 02 Dec 2008, 19:26

Sadie wrote:Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, and Boston = <3333
I rest my case~
We may just have to get married. ;3

Alongside, I also like

Oingo Boingo
Vanessa Mae
Mannheim Steamroller
Van Halen
Metallica (Early and Death Magnetic)
Sonata Arctica
Switchfoot (earlier stuff, up to "Nothing is Sound")
Stellar Corpses (a bit of a contrast, no?)
and more than I care to list, for now I hunger for food. P:
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Post by StarJDM » 16 Jun 2009, 05:15

These are my favorite non eurobeat bands

Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, Killswitch Engage, Anterior, Sylosis, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me The Horizon, Cryptopsy and whole lot more that im too lazy to list :evil:
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Post by lovinloudmusic12 » 23 Jun 2009, 00:39

ABBA && Kelly Clarkson
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Post by Sunrise » 10 Sep 2009, 02:35

Some of my favorites include David Bowie, Robbie Williams, No Doubt, Steve Angello, and Chris Lake.

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Post by dj1ofakind2k10 » 05 Nov 2010, 23:42

Two groups that come right off the top my head are Daft Punk and M.O.V.E.

Daft Punk was really one of the first "Techno" groups I've listened to, and I love all of their music. They have a unique way of working rhythms and just making catchy Techno tunes. On top of that, their "Alive 2007" album is by far the best mixing of music I have ever heard.

M.O.V.E. was the first J-Pop/J-Euro groups that I really got into (thanks to Initial D). Again, their style is very wide and I love it. You can listen to sweet songs like "Take Me Higher" or "Silent White" and be blown away by the harmonics and vocals. Then you can listen to songs like "Knock'em Out" or "Gamble Rumble" and be blown away by the fast pace trance and rhythms.

Definitely two of my all time favorite groups :)

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Post by Akira » 31 Mar 2012, 15:19

Well, this topic's almost dead, but anyway my favourite group is Evanescence. I just LOVE Amy Lee. I especially love the tracks from The Open Door and Fallen &#9829;

Also I've just discovered Clara Moroni outside the eurobeat world and I love her songs... Her cover of "Maniac" is awesome.

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Post by sonique » 17 Jun 2012, 10:46


I read at least two of you also like Blümchen! :D

She's also one of my favourites, even if no more longer active. :(

Like this albums very much: The Ultimate Single Remixes. :)

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Post by Bore » 17 Jun 2012, 13:00

sonique wrote:Image

I read at least two of you also like Blümchen! :D

She's also one of my favourites, even if no more longer active. :(

Like this albums very much: The Ultimate Single Remixes. :)

Ah, a pleasure seeing Blümchen pop up. Her music never gets old. The 2nd version of that album with the DVD is even better. The videos just ooze of positivity~ Verrückte juuuungs~

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Post by PeteMoss » 04 Dec 2012, 07:54

Mine is Wildside. I like the way how they are and also I like their music too.


Post by WestCoast » 05 Dec 2012, 08:03

My favourites are

The police
Willie nelson
The eagles
Bryan Adams

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