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Re: Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 17:59
by Bore
Over the past few years with the decline in new eurobeat content my focus has moved to a different 'positive' musicgenre as a whole.
K-Pop in its simplicity and bubbliness fits in perfectly with me. Have found quite a few favorite acts from the genre to fill my need for positivity in my life.



Crayon Pop

Re: Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band

Posted: 15 Jan 2019, 21:09
by Rain197
Playing racing video games is a great way to discover non-eurobeat artists.
I'm still very closed and only listening to eurobeat but I'm trying to expand my music style. And it's seems that Indie Rock, Trance is the best to me !

Neon Plastix - On Fire
Game : Need for Speed ProStreet
I just ordered the album Awesomes Moves on Amazon for only 6,50€ and it's my first album with a song that appeared in a game. And I'll try to get the maximum of albums containing songs that I liked from video games.

Also from Need for Speed ProStreet, Digitalism - Pogo
I discovered this duo on this game and it was the first song I liked in this game. Years later, in a shop, I've seen their brand new album Mirage. I bought it without the slightest hesitation and without information on it.

Digitalism - Utopia

Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour
Game : Need for Speed Undeground 2
My first video game on my first home console, the Nintendo GameCube. I loved this song so much that I think my love for Trance music come from this one.

Bloc Party - Banquet
Game : SSX On Tour
I discovered Bloc Party for the time on SSX On Tour, I don't remember if it's this song or Helicopter that it was possible to hear on various TV show on French TV.

I still haven't bought their previous albums (and never listened to any other songs) but I bought Hymns (Deluxe)