Who's in for a Supernatural marathon?

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Who's in for a Supernatural marathon?

Post by smith586 » 06 Dec 2012, 09:34

Hours of Sam and Dean and eating ice cream out of the tub with Supernatural Seasons 1-7 dvd set. Its a marathon everyday if you have Netflix. It has every episode season 1-7 and if you dont have cheap disney dvd collection I recomend one-tvshows.eu. You have to find out which links are the best with the fastest loading buy Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-5 dvd box set but I honestly LOVE that website. And Ive been really dissapointed in cheap Cold Case Seasons 1-7 dvd set in the past few seasons, he used to be my favorite character. You been watching Californication Seasons 1-5 dvd collection season 8? Ooh yes please! Can we have Ben and Jerrys cookie dough. I'm having my Sam and Dean fix right now actually but with True Blood Seasons 1-5 dvd set!I am absilutely loving season 8, The wait for the next episode is Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1-4 dvd box set. I am wondering though why you are not happy with Castiel at the moment, I am loving Cheap Army Wives Seasons 1-6 dvd set this season but can't say why because I don't want to risk posting spoilers for Ncis Seasons 1-9 dvd set. I haven't got Netflix but I have all the seasons on dvd anyway because, just watching then online isn't enough for me, I HAD to have them.
I absolutely love Weeds Seasons 1-8 dvd box. Is there really a marathon coming on, or are you yanking my chain? Could you please tell me when it is? Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1-2 dvd set I must see more Castiel!! I had probably 35 episodes of Supernatural recorded, from episode 92 through 132 I think, and when I got done watching 92 (sad episode, that one, made me cry) I deleted it. Then I went back to my DVR to look for the next episode to watch...
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