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Missing post.

Post by nsxr » 25 Aug 2006, 10:28

Hi, I post a song request on 1 of the folder "Request Song". Then, I received a reply today from the server and I went in just now, and can't find my post. I would like to know what happened to my post ?
Is there something illegal in it that it has been deleted ?

Thank you.

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Post by Bore » 25 Aug 2006, 10:52

Humm I don't recall deleting posts from the Request thread at least, remember what it exactly was? The only thing I've been deleting lately has been the bot spam flood at General forum. Still trying to get that over with.

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Post by nsxr » 25 Aug 2006, 16:28

OK, Anyway, here is my thread. It goes like this.

The tittle is : Song Request

After listening to SEB 170, I am interested in the songs below. Hope I can find them here.

Dreamin Of You - Lolita
Let The People Say - Regina
A Love At First Sight - Asya
Rain - Christine
Emotion - Stephy Martini
Dragonstea Din Tei (Eurobeat Mix) - O - Zone
Super Striker - Go2

Thank you for ur contributing.

Never mind, I will re-post again. Thank you for replying.

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Post by Nine » 26 Aug 2006, 09:18

A few of us have been deleting a lot of spam-bot posts (if you've noticed, quite a few posts as of late have been for weird internet adverts) - I don't recall deleting anything from the Request Forums myself... but what most likely happened is that your post was deleted while someone was deleting the spam posts.


Post by Guest » 26 Aug 2006, 09:38

Well, it is okay. I have post another request. Hope this will be there.. Thank you.

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