New interface for Eurobeat Prime

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New interface for Eurobeat Prime

Post by Bore » 30 Oct 2004, 01:19

Okay, thanks to Jordan, Dan, Axu and myself the new interface and layout is up for the main page. I'd love to hear any feedback how you feel about it, and any bugs you find as well. I'm sure that there'll be problems, just a matter of time.

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Takumi Trueno
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Post by Takumi Trueno » 30 Oct 2004, 01:48

Great new interface Bore. Thank You to everyone who also helped put this new interface together. The only thing I want back is the skins. But its all good.

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Post by spinnee » 10 Nov 2004, 17:49

nice layout and color. refreshing i guess : :wink:
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Post by firegear » 25 Dec 2004, 05:35

wtf! there's a bunch of people from idforums right here!? that's koo ^_^

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