The year of 20 and 13, a good year?

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The year of 20 and 13, a good year?

Post by Bore » 10 Jan 2013, 22:18

So yes, a year passed. Not much new was released under the scorching eurobeat sun. Avex pulled the rug under the Super Eurobeat series and it was rather ominous whether there would even be a future for SEB.
Fortunately the long awaited break from new Super Eurobeat is coming to an end.

The next installation of the loved series, Super Eurobeat 221 is being released on the 23rd of January. To accompany the release of the new album SEF Deluxe is presenting a release party in Maharaja Roppongi on the 20th of January with Domino & Kaioh performing as well as old ParaPara stars on stage. If you are within the vicinity of Tokyo on that date be sure to not miss this spectacle!

So now we're just left waiting for what this year will bring. Make sure to preorder your copy of Super Eurobeat 221 with a very solid tracklisting (See below). Support the eurobeat cause and bring forth much more of this magical music!

Super Eurobeat 221

1.SEB All Stars Feat. DJ Boss - SEB 4 U (Power Mix)
2.An-G - Different Girl
3.Dejo & Bon - Loving Eurobeat
4.Stephy Martin - Power & Love
5.Bamboo Bimbo - Kiss
6.Dave Rodgers - 1 Fire
7.Tipsy & Tipsy - Down Down Down
8.Cy-Ro - Born To Be Wild In My Car
9.Powerful T. - Kelly
10.Scream Team - Wacky Wacky O
11.Rich Hard - Wild Boys
12.Heather Feat. Dima - Dance Eurobeat
13.Daniel - Super Driver
14.Fastway - Hyper Super Powers
15.Dejo - Boys Gone Wild
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Post by Lebon14 » 10 Jan 2013, 23:27

A wild news article appear!

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