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The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2020

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 28 Oct 2020, 19:34

<img src="/covers/976.png" width=300>

Today marks the release of The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2020. We're being treated to 14 new tracks from all our favorite labels. Earlier today Avex had a live stream showcasing the new tracks, and hosting an interview with Bratt Sinclaire and the Honey Hime girls. You can still watch this two hour event on YouTube. The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2020 shows that Avex isn't finished with eurobeat quite yet, which makes us very happy.

The front cover is a hommage to the very first Super Eurobeat, released by Beat Freak under the Time Records label. On the back they used the same photo as the cover of Super Eurobeat volume 1 by Avex. These throwbacks show respect to both origins of the Super Eurobeat series.

As always, support the artists and all people involved, and get your copy of The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2020 now!

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