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Okay Eurobeat: Mediocre At Best

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 02 Apr 2021, 06:41

Everyone who visited this website on April 1st 2021 was surprised that all eurobeat albums had a new cover. Instead of our eurobeat being super, it was simply 'okay, mediocre at best'.
<img src=/images/okay_eurobeat.png width=300 />

Of course this was a April Fools joke. We've had some people questioning what was happening, so we're glad that at least some of you didn't catch it at first. This album cover was created by Porky on our <a href=/discord/ >Discord</a> server last year, and Toucanx reminded us of it. A lot of thanks go to them.

On a more serious note, we're aware the website isn't updated as often as it should be. Don't worry, we'll get to it eventually. Please keep submitting new lyrics, posting on the forums and chatting with us on Discord.

If the images don't reload to their actual covers, be sure to clear your cached files!

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