Hardcore Heaven Vol.7 (Happy/UK Hardcore)

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Hardcore Heaven Vol.7 (Happy/UK Hardcore)

Post by Bonkers » 27 Nov 2021, 17:09



Link: https://hardcoreunderground.co.uk/store/view/HHDSCD007

Hardcore Heaven 7 is available to pre-order now, and that means instant digital access to the assets upon successful checkout. As with the past couple of years CD releases however, the pre-order window for the CD component is just that. Because of all the supply chain issues and Covid hangover that are effecting all sorts of things at the moment, we are told NOT to expect to take delivery of the physical CDs themselves until late January, so we are expecting to be shipping them out to you from January 31st onwards.

That said, and as with the past two CD releases, quantities are VERY limited, so please order early to avoid disappointment and guarantee your copy. There won't be a re-press or scaling up of units ordered - the order is already placed and underway at a fixed limited number of limited copies.

*As always, this purchase guarantees all the full length tracks from the album too. However there are a handful of titles where a licence for the 'Extended Mix' was simply not made possible, and only 'Radio Edits' could be licensed. So it's basically... 35 full length tracks, and 4 radio versions.

CD1 Mixed By Fracus & Darwin

01. Fracus & Darwin - Better Days (HH7 Intro Mix)
02. Darwin & Jack In Box - Back 2 The Club
03. Fracus & Hartshorn - Ready For Love
04. Kinn - Take On The World (Exclusive HH7 Mix)
05. Fracus & Entity - Where You Are
06. DJ Evo - Take Me Back
07. Darwin - People Don't Panic
08. Jamie Stimpson - So Lost (Fracus & Scottie Remix)
09. Darwin - There Are No Lies
10. Mike Reverie - I Can't Breathe (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
11. Entity & Dune - Nothing Is Impossible (Hecttech Mix)
12. Fracus - Need Your Love (Exclusive HH7 Mix)
13. Dy5on Feat. Andy L - Losing Myself (Exclusive HH7 Mix)
14. Ravegenix - Let Me Love You (Exclusive HH7 Mix)
15. S3RL - Dealer (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
16. Darwin & Time Rhythm - So Wonderful
17. Scar - Rushin' (Feat. Lara B)
18. Renegade - Rave Machine (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
19. Metropolis - Liquid Nights (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
20. Fracus & Darwin Vs. Dune - Synthesize

CD2 Mixed By Mike Reverie

01. Mike Reverie X Mike Enemy Feat. Christina Rhotondo - Drowning In Your Love
02. Mike Reverie X Olly James - ETR
03. Callum Higby - Wait For Me
04. Tweekacore Feat. Emelie Cyreus - Parallel Universe (Quickdrop Remix)
05. Darren Styles Feat. PollyAnna - Neon Hearts
06. Mike Enemy Feat. Stats - Animal
07. Mike Reverie X Scott Seymour - Let Me Go
08. Darren Styles & Stonebank - Man On The Moon
09. Ben Nicky X Technikore X JTS - YEET 2.0
10. Vinylgroover Feat. Sanna Hartfield- Like The Sunshine (Mike Reverie Remix)
11. Olly P - Take It Back
12. Ben Nicky & Technikore Feat. Karra - Never Knew
13. Ziggy X - Lived In Vain
14. Mike Reverie - I Can't Breathe
15. Joey Riot X Mike Reverie - Another Dimension
16. Gammer X Tweekacore - Lose You
17. Mike Reverie - Wake Up
18. Jakka-B X Tatsunoshin - Someone To Forget
19. Technikore X Arkiida - Empty Promises

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