Eurobeat Karaoke CDs & DVDs ?

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Eurobeat Karaoke CDs & DVDs ?

Post by CommanderMeowku » 29 Jul 2022, 11:17

Hi there.
I was wondering if there were ever any Eurobeat karaoke CDs? Or karaoke CDs that featured a large number of Eurobeat. Of course most likely of JP production. I was only able to find the "Karaoke Special" section on "That's Eurobeat Vol. 26" but it didn't really have what I was looking for exactly.

You see, I recently purchased a better laserdisc player for myself than my previous model, and as a later JP model it has a host of karaoke features that I was interested in testing out. The player features DVD playback, and like many LD players has CD playback also and I imagine these formats would have been most likely to receive karaoke Eurobeat. I am not aware of any Eurobeat related Laserdiscs and I can't imagine they exist at all, for obvious reasons.

Were there any Eurobeat Karaoke CDs or DVDs or Karaoke discs that featured a lot of Eurobeat as I would love to have them for my new karaoke-featured Laserdisc player.

Thanks! :)

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Re: Eurobeat Karaoke CDs & DVDs ?

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 30 Jul 2022, 20:53

Even though there may be some released in Japan, I am not aware of any releases myself. Off vocal/karaoke/instrumental versions of songs have been released in the past, usually digitally or on vinyl. Personally, I wouldn't get my hopes up on finding anything...

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Re: Eurobeat Karaoke CDs & DVDs ?

Post by Bonkers » 01 Oct 2022, 19:26

Bratt Sinclair is doing his Eurobeat No Voice. That's the closet thing you'll find:

Vol.1: ... 6ecwrDT8LQ

Vol.2: ... FFYc44hdQo

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