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Re: Official Introduction Page

Post by R.U.S.E » 03 Jan 2021, 07:35

Name: Uhhhhhhh
Alias: R.U.S.E
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Hiya. I like eurobeat but it's hard to find new songs after a while, during my searching today I found this place. Hope to make some friends here :)

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Re: Official Introduction Page

Post by Dubs » 05 May 2023, 12:24

Name: Ulrik
Alias: Dubs
Location: Norway
Age: 21
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Greetings! I've been active in eurobeat for a while, but only now decided to make an account. I first made my deep dive into eurobeat in the summer of 2019 after falling in love with Space Boy by Dave Rodgers. In the fall/winter of 2020 I got my first taste of producing eurobeat, when my school started its VR game project, and this year it was a Sci-Fi DJ simulator — I was on the Audio team with four other guys, they made more contemporary EDM while I made four eurobeat tracks. I'm currently studying to become a musician full-time.
I curate and maintain a huge number of themed eurobeat playlists on Spotify, each pertaining to a specific mood or style, or criteria for content in the music or title. You can currently find them here, I might make a forum post about them later.
Rain197, the creator of Spotify's largest eurobeat archive "The Collection", has opted to make me its new maintainer, as he is currently too busy to update it. PM me if there's a song you think I've missed!
On my YouTube channel I mainly upload MIDI covers of songs I like. All MIDI files are made by me.
Certified creator of Spotify playlists
Current manager and co-author of The Collection, Spotify's largest eurobeat archive.

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