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The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2023

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 30 Sep 2023, 19:17

Earlier today The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 was added to various online stores, including a release date and some extra info. After Avex stopped with the regular Super Eurobeat releases, they switched over to an annual release schedule. The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 is the 5th release in the renewed 'Best of Super Eurobeat'-series.

It will be released on November 22nd in Japan. Just like previous releases, it has two discs. The first disc will have 16 new songs by 9 eurobeat labels. The second disc is a non-stop mix with 28 songs. The song selection on the second disc is done by the eurobeat labels, featuring their top picks.

When pre-ordering The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023 you will also get a 'mega jacket'. This is a 25x25cm (approx.) mini-poster with the front cover on it. Those who pre-ordered That's Super Eurobeat 2023 or Super Eurobeat presents Euromach Special Collection vol. 2 before will know what it is.
Pre-orders on mu-mo generally get another bonus. It is currently unknown what that bonus is.

If you want to pre-order The Best of Super Eurobeat 2023, you can do this using <a href= >CDJapan</a>, <a href= >Amazon</a> or any other online (Japanese) retailer.

Once we have more info, it will be shared with you of course!

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