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Eurobeat Prime turns 20!

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 26 May 2024, 00:32

Congratulations to all fans and friends of Eurobeat-Prime, as the prime eurobeat site on the web turns 20 years old!

Eurobeat-Prime started as a project by Bore in 2004, aiming to become to most reliable source for eurobeat information. Back then, eurobeat outside of Japan was hardly known, and obtaining any information was very hard. Over the years, with the help of many, Eurobeat-Prime turned into what it is today - a big database with a lot of information helpful to anyone who wants to know more about eurobeat.

Originally, Eurobeat-Prime was created in March of 2004 (exact date unknown), but on May 26 in that same year the domain was registered. That's 20 years ago today!

The biggest part of Eurobeat-Prime has to be the forums. Over 1500 members made almost 62000 posts, discussing new eurobeat releases, artist backgrounds and shared their views on the music genre we all love.

As the use of forums went on a decline, the discussion moved over to our Discord server. On this free to use chat application, over 1000 people chat daily about the same things the forums were used before. With the addition of people sharing their favorite songs, and asking for recommendations.

Will it stop here? Of course not! There are many, many things still planned. As long as there is eurobeat, Eurobeat-Prime will be there for you.

A big thanks to everyone that joined the Eurobeat-Prime story in the past, especially to the original webmaster Bore!!

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