Trying to reset password on old forum account

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Trying to reset password on old forum account

Post by DJ Mike TJG » 12 Feb 2007, 12:43

I'm trying to reset the password on my old EBP forum account, but despite several attempts, I never seem to get the e-mail to my GMail address. It definitely isn't making it through - not even to the Spam folder on GMail - so is there some technical issue with e-mails being sent out from the forum?


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Post by DanWaigand » 18 May 2007, 14:19

Such a Delay. If you haven't solved this problem, Feel free to contact me with your old username and information and I'll reset it for you.

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Post by Bore » 21 May 2007, 23:54

I will hijack this thread and say what Dan said as well, if people have such problems then feel free to PM me about such and will get things sorted out.

After the hijacking and all the bots on the forums it would be a miracle if everything worked out perfectly normally :P

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