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Post by Justican » 22 Nov 2011, 00:40

Im unsure what reviews Bore has skipped over the last few years, but this was a little unexpected anyway. Im a little confused with the scores though, I would personall considered anything 7 or over to be good eurobeat that gives quite a few listens too. Anything less then that, I kinda agree on. A 6 I would listen a few times before it got boring/annoying and a 5 I would usually skip unless I wanted to check to see if the song had any reasonable merit (which in most cases, they don't).

Also, the way Bore puts it that "the song is bad compared to others" annoys me as its uncomparisonised criticism. Its a general statement and there is no direct comparison, even if its just an artisit other songs, there is no "this is wrong, this song does it right" type of criticism that shows applied knowledge and comparison. I like doing these in my reviews, however if Bore wants to keep his reviews like this I wouldent mind, but I think it may have bad influences on newbies to the site, especially being the websites "official" reviews.

At the end of the day, Eurobeat isnt a movie which can be universally acknowledged as good or bad, it is delivered in a way which ticks for some and not for others. We will all have differences in opinions when it comes to preferences, even songs that are hit's can be despised by others, it's all down to what we like. Thankfully, Super Eurobeat caters alot of differant songs and tastes and hopefully we can all get some good tunes from the series, even if it one or ten songs in an album.

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Post by para_rigby » 22 Nov 2011, 01:36

I think Bore and I have pretty much the same tastes as I have read his reviews over the past six years. This is a hard thing to review because the albums are compilations and not cohesive songs to pull the albums together. For me, it can be hard to compare one song to anouther especially if an artist hasn't released alot of material in the past. I can say..."this Lolita song is good, but it isn't on the same level as (insert song)", but what's the validity in my opinion other than a subjective view?

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Post by para_rigby » 22 Nov 2011, 01:39

Megan188 wrote:This is kind of a not-so-serious post, but does anyone else think the girl on this album's cover looks like Ke$ha? Granted it's the same person from the SEB 175 and 179 covers, I'm certain that this is not actually her, but since these albums came out a few years before she became famous, it's kind of interesting how the similarities suddenly jumped at me when I looked back.
Her hair isn't greasy enough to be Ke$ha! :grin:

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Post by Lebon14 » 22 Nov 2011, 07:27

You guys realized that the review was out in 2007?

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Post by drnrg » 22 Nov 2011, 07:58

Her hair isn't greasy enough to be Ke$ha!
Geez, I was crossing my fingers hoping never to see the name Ke$ha on a Eurobeat related site. :(

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Post by Megan188 » 23 Nov 2011, 01:28

Hehehe, well, just to add to the brief discussion about this album in particular, my thoughts about the past few decades have changed a lot since I originally listened to them. In retrospect, I actually think the 170's were quite strong, having produced some of my favorite SEB releases of all time, but I still don't really think this particular entry was the strongest in the series. Some tracks have actually grown on me a lot, especially One More Try and Iron Man, a song that I originally thought was super generic and overrated but now find catchy and memorable. I also like Manuel's Ready Steady Go (though Manuel is now one of my favorite male eurobeat vocalists in general). However, 177 still doesn't really carry out well as a whole album, due to some fairly weak entries from A-Beat C and Time (aside from What Kind of Cure and the okay Take Away). SCP, HRG, and Delta are decent, but they have much better showings on different albums from the same time period. Overall, while I don't think SEB 177 is nearly as bad as Bore's review makes it seem, it's still not really the best release in the series.

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Post by Bore » 23 Nov 2011, 13:55

Heh, gotta say I'm quite amused reading into some things I've written years ago. As for writing the reviews in general, I gotta admit that after doing these for years and multiple albums, occasionally I just run out of words. English not being my mother tongue, I occasionally automatically do weird translations or just don't find the right words for the occasion. Comparing songs by artist X to eachother is always a bit of a problem since individuality is a respected feature, but then again it's kind of automated by everyone to compare things to other similar ones.
I'll never be a journalist level reviewer, nor would I want to, the reviews have merely been a way for me to market out certain releases and give them publicity. The reviews should not be taken too seriously though since we are all biased one way or an another. And I am still biased to thinking 177 is the worst SEB ever :P Even with Ke$ha on the cover!

Though I gotta say it'd be an interesting idea to perioditically pick one album (a very old album) and revisit it by members and see how opinions and thoughts have evolved over time. Might actually be quite entertaning since I know myself that some songs I over the years valued very highly have sunk very deep due to different reasons.

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