Vipers and bobcat wanna dance with us!

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Vipers and bobcat wanna dance with us!

Post by Bore » 08 Apr 2011, 09:05

Super Eurobeat-series seems to be in constant turmoil. The format never stays solid for a very long time without some changes to it. After a few years without any extra nonstops this decade re-introduces the extra nonstops into the mix. Well for my sake this is probably for the best, I can actually stay on top of the reviews and releases without too much hassle.

So 212 is still fairly new and my review for the album also appears in a somewhat timely manner. So since it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday: <a href="">Super Eurobeat 212 review.</a> Enjoy~

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Post by Densetsu13 » 09 Apr 2011, 05:20

Solid review! I agreed with most of it, but even with the parts I didn't agree with I always appreciate the fact that you clearly explain your stance. It`s what makes your reviews enjoyable to read in the first place. :)

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