Don't you know that I'm disconnected!

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Don't you know that I'm disconnected!

Post by Bore » 27 Nov 2011, 01:16

What are these... updates you speak of? The fall season has been a bit of a killer in regards of actual life preventing me from slobbing it off infront of the computer. I really should find more time for the site, but alas no, yet these batch updates here and there at least keep the show on the road.

Today the writer credits for 211-217 were added. I've misplaced my 218 currently and will have the credits added when I actually figure out where the CD has wandered of to.

As for the lyrics for the 214-218, well they are also upcoming. Most of the album lyrics have already been typed in, but they will be added as a bigger bulk update once I can find that missing 218. In case you bump into a well kept, in mint condition Super Eurobeat 218 with my name on it, make sure to catch it.

Oh and yeah, since we're on the topic, the review for 218 should be incoming within a week... Yeah, I know I'm late and all that, but at least it's well in advance before the next actual new CD is out!

So yeah... apologies for the slow update pace with the site, but better late than never... or something, I guess :/ oh and christmas is nearly here, where is our yearly Super Euro X'Mas! And while on the topic of Christmas, I was thinking of doing a calendar sort of thing this year as well, I just don't really have any... ideas on what to do! So that prolly means no calendar.

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