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Database catch ups, slowly

Post by Bore » 26 May 2014, 19:37

So, time passes by and the site and domain are pretty far behind the actual release schedules. Yet this is supposedly coming to an end. The album database is slowly being built to reach the current release pace as well as the missing lyrics from the latest releases should also be updated. The ones missing currently are 223-225. Oh and as a sidenote, 4000 lyrics in the database has been crossed finally *blows the horn* Omedetoo~ EP!

The old system for uploading new lyrics is gone, Humbedooh has gone through a lot of work to get a more functional system that will let lyrics and album database entries (latter not just yet) to be submitted incase stuff is still missing. For the new system one has to create a username/password which will hopefully cut off the masses of spam, that the old system was very vulnerable to.

Either way, the old mailbox for all of the submitted lyrics and such has been gone through more or less. As said, it was 80% full of spam and penis enlargement commercials, so I'm all glad if it's over with and doesn't need to be used anymore. A big thank you to people who have been submitting lyrics and helping with the site as always.

More to come... ?

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