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Best 236 track!!!

Posted: 09 Nov 2015, 01:48
by Bonkers
We all know 236 is a strong album! Which track is your favorite? Can't pick just one? Pick two!

Posted: 07 Jan 2016, 12:02
Ah damn, I was debating between My Last Breath of Love and Tell Me because both are particularly awesome, and didn't notice I could have chosen both :cry:

Re: Best 236 track!!!

Posted: 30 Sep 2021, 19:41
by Phil Jay Falcon
Just one song: Irene - Crazy All Night

Well, for obvious reasons. I have the song in my playlist and I don't like the other songs. I heard the whole volume a few months ago and my opinion remains. So it was clear, that I give my vote to Irene with "Crazy All Night". It's a beautiful song!^^