Ryuko Pegasasu: New eurobeat musician with upcoming album!

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Anthony McBazooka
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Post by Anthony McBazooka » 21 Mar 2016, 09:33

Your ideas and arrangements are absolutely great. And since you are still very young, I see a bright future for you.

But as others said before, there is a problem with the vocals. If you listen to “official” Eurobeat songs, you will notice that most vocals are not very loud in the mix but very powerful. This is either done with a powerful vocalist or with a lot of background vocals.

Here is a very good tutorial for mixing vocals in electronic music, it's for Reason but you can do it the same way in any other DAW: https://www.propellerheads.se/blog/prof ... techniques

Galaxian Recordings
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Post by Galaxian Recordings » 24 May 2016, 02:50

Oops! Didn't get to look at your feedback until now!

Anyways, Anthony McBazooka, thank you so much for the tutorial! Hmm, maybe this "doubling" can be a technique I can use for Volume 2's tracks and other later tracks as well seeing as almost of Volume 1's vocals are done (except for one other vocalist I have)! So that's what makes the eurobeat vocals sound more powerful... ! Also I can probably give your advice to some of my singers :D

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