OGG file (audio compresion format !!

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OGG file (audio compresion format !!

Post by Ronald » 02 Feb 2005, 19:36

I know it's something completely different, but I try it anyway. Does any one on this board has some experience with OGG files ?
It's a new compression format, if you're interrested this is a nice site with some info.


I ask this question cause a firmware update of my Iriver MP3 player gives me the possibility to play OGG files.

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Post by Bore » 04 Feb 2005, 10:03

Don't the newest versions of... say winamp for example already have the codecs ready in them? At least I haven't had any problems for quite some time now with playing ogg-format files?

Or exactly what was the question here? Listening to them, doing mp3s as oggs.. or what?

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