"I Let In the Magic Inside"

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"I Let In the Magic Inside"

Post by Gabriel C Media » 01 Oct 2016, 03:48

To celebrate the (OFFICIAL xD) release of "Legend of Everfree", here's a new song!

It's my first time doing a vocal Eurobeat track. the other songs I've done in this style have been either aggressive or somber. But Eurobeat, at it's purest, is all about fun! The fun of Kiki, alongside a blast of Fastway and a dash of Lou Masters, helped inspire this new track!

This song had the most amazing coincidence! It was set to be after the third movie. Twilight Sparkle, the human, is settling into her new school and all the amazing things happening to her. That's really all I was going for and keeping things light and happy. After watching the movie though, it's unbelievable how much the same message repeated over haha! :D

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