My first Eurobeat track / an introduction.

Discussion about Eurobeat making. Hints & Tips, Eurobeat projects, programs, plug-ins, samples and so on.
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Bluebird Parade
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My first Eurobeat track / an introduction.

Post by Bluebird Parade » 03 Nov 2016, 17:18

Hello everyone, my name is a Justin.
As a musician, I go by either Bluebird Parade (For Eurobeat tracks), or Gaugen (for most everything else.)
I have been making music for several years, and lately, I have really gotten into eurobeat.
I seen this little gem of a site, and wanted to join this little community.

With that being said, here is my first Eurobeat track, it's a remix of "U.N. Owen Was Her!?" from the Touhou series (I imagine most of you know about the song already.)

Please enjoy it, and share your thoughts on what I can do to improve! ... robeat-mix

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Post by KoolKool » 04 Nov 2016, 03:14

yes i know, DJ Command already did awesome euro-remix from it

nice,how about longer version?

Gabriel C Media
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Post by Gabriel C Media » 05 Nov 2016, 14:07

Not bad! for your first track, there are a lot of things right in this one, including the stereo-widened brasses! ^-^. You're definitely off to a great start!

The brasses and overall master track is a tad too loud, so be careful with your levels. Reference with another professional track to make sure you get it right. Make sure your bass is also not too wide by using M/S processing :). Take your time with the levels since it's the most important part of mixing ^.^

But for your first track, it's actually really nice! it's just too bad that it's not really long haha! :D

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