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Super Eurobeat 243

Post by Bore » 26 Jun 2017, 17:25

The eurobeat choo-choo-train keeps on heading towards heaven! The newest entry on the loved series is here. Super Eurobeat 243 is out and it's featuring awesome entries from all of the labels. Heads up for the absolutely stunning entry from Seastar! A track you have to get acquinted with definitely!

<img border="0" src="/covers/seb243.jpg" width="200" height="200" align="middle">

1.Seastar - Burning Inside Out
2.Manuel & Lolita - Foxy Love
3.Mela - Never Know Why
4.Ace - New Dirty Road
5.Tora - Set My Love In Flames
6.Claudia Vip - One Night Driller
7.Paul Harris - You My Eurobeat
8.Dream Fighters - War
9.Dee Dee Wonder - Twist And Shake
10.David Dima - Stay Together Now Or Never
11.Cherry - Love & Diamonds
12.Louise - Across The Rainbow
13.Elly - One More Dance
14.Bon - Rocket To New Planet
15.Bamboo Bimbo - My Exit Heaven

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